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Masters Degree Advertising:
The primary goal of advertising is to sell or promote a product or service. A Master’s Degree in Advertising teaches students about using different media techniques such as television, the internet and radio for advertising.

Advertising also includes strategic planning to advertise clients, mass communication, brand management and the influencing of consumer perception. Students who have completed their graduate degree in advertising can work in all kinds of social, digital and print media venues.

Program Objective:

A Master’s of Fine Arts in Advertising teaches students to develop advertising campaigns from the ground level through the placement of advertising and the evaluation of their effectiveness. The degree program also includes market research, copywriting, art direction and presentation. The MFA program in Advertising also covers other topics such as technical training associated with the field, business management, advertising theory, marketing strategy and design. The degree program also imparts good communication skills along with organizational skills that are required in the field.

An MA in advertising program is more of a free form, which allows students to prepare their own course of study to achieve their specific interests. It equips students with skills that are essential for the promotion of services and products. A graduate program in advertising also offers students the chance to specialize in a particular area of advertising such as creative strategy, research, sales management, media planning or management. The program also helps students evolve critical thinking, decision-making skills and market research, which are essential to becoming successful in the field.

MFA Advertising Eligibility Criteria:
Applicants are required to have completed an undergraduate degree program. Prior knowledge or course work in mass communication, advertising, marketing or public relations is helpful.

Course Curriculum:
The Master’s Degree in Advertising program includes core courses such as:

1. Advertising and Society
2. Principles and Practices of Advertising
3. Advertising Campaigns
4. Writing for Media Professionals

The program in advertising encompasses theories such as the practical aspects of promotion planning, theories of advertising and research of consumer behavior. Common topics included are:

a. Brand Communication
b. Advertising Theory
c. International Advertising
d. Copywriting
e. Graphic Design
f. Account Management
g. Consumer Behavior Analysis
h. Marketing Strategy

Depending on your area of specialization, the following modules can be part of your curriculum:


• Insight & Account Planning or Interactive Marketing Communication
• Contemporary Mass Communication or Communication Theory
• Ad Management
• New and Traditional Media Strategies
• Strategic Brand Solutions
• Communication Research
Creative Track:
• Contemporary Mass Communication
• Fundamentals of Creative Development
• Creating Video Campaigns
• Advanced Art Direction or Advanced Copywriting
• Portfolio Development I
• Portfolio Development II

The curriculum incorporates all professional aspects of the advertising industry by combining technology with visual communication.

Masters Degree Advertising Career Opportunities:
Graduates who have successfully completed their master’s degree advertising program can work as a:

1. Copywriter
2. Web Designer
3. Graphic Designer
4. Creative Manager
5. Advertising Manager
6. Media Planner

The biggest advantage of a master degree in advertising is that the program prepares you for professional advancement or managerial roles.

Masters Degree Advertising Salary:
The average salary drawn by an advertising professional depends on the position he/she holds. The average we saw on is $79,0000 per year.

Masters Degree Advertising School:
There good schools that offer the MFA program in advertising. Some of them are even in your area or online, depending on what you like. Follow this link to request for their free information.

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