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Masters Degree Agricultural Education:
The AgEd Master of Science program concentrates on different areas of agriculture. It consists of program planning, teaching methodologies, curriculum development, instructional technologies, and youth development. The MS agricultural education prepares students for formal and non-formal teaching careers. The degree program also helps students develop good professional leadership skills that prove important in other agribusiness careers, government service, or adult education.

The primary objective of this degree program is to prepare individual for teaching profession in agriculture education. However, the master’s degree program can also serve other purpose as it develops skills and knowledge, which prove helpful in research. The degree program focuses on finding new solutions for issues related to agricultural production without disturbing nature’s balance (it helps in preservation and protection of the environment).

Students enrolling for master’s degree program in agriculture education work in areas of education and agriculture for their professional development. They can also pursue state certification to teach in high school.

Graduating students can elect to write a thesis or do a project.The program can be tailored to meet a student’s unique situation. This graduate degree program offers education that will be valued in different agricultural departments.

Students can select different divisions such as biosystems, agricultural economics, Agricultural engineering, animal science, plant and soil science, biochemistry, plant pathology and entomology. The different specialization areas offered in this degree program also include counseling, educational administration, supervision, community education, adult education, career education.

Masters Degree Agricultural Education Eligibility Criteria:

A bachelor’s degree from accredited university in related field such as agricultural education or any agriculture related area and a statement of purpose for enrolling in master’s degree program in agricultural education. Some schools will require that you take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Masters Degree Agricultural Education Course Content:
The curriculum of the degree program is quite flexible and depends on the concentration you choose. If you desire to get a specialization in agricultural extensive education, you will be required to study following subjects:

1. Foundations of Agricultural Education
2. Program Development and Evaluation in Agricultural and Extension Education
3. Instructional Methods for Adult and Higher Education in Agriculture and Natural Resources
4. Introduction to Learning Theory in Agricultural Education
5. Introduction to Research in Agricultural Education

If you select a specialization that focuses on teaching, you will be required to study following subjects:

a. Foundations
b. Scientific Inquiry
c. Trends and Issues
d. Information Technology
e. Teaching Agriculture
f. Curriculum Development or Ag Program Management

Agricultural Education Career Opportunities:
There is a shortage of Agricultural teachers at secondary school level. There are different job opportunities for professionals who have completed MS program. Agricultural Education professionals can seek employment as:

1. Community College Agricultural Instructor
2. High School Agricultural Science and Technology Teachers
3. Agricultural Lobbyist

These professionals can also find job in:

1. Extension Service
2. Agricultural Business and Industry
3. State Department of Agriculture Positions
4. Agricultural Commodity Groups

Graduates possessing this graduate degree can also choose alternative path to become researchers and agricultural consultants.

Agricultural Education Salary:
People that go into the agricultural education career make decent income. The national average salary is $60,000 per year. This pay will continue to go up as you gain more experience and years of service.

Masters Degree Agricultural Education School:
You don’t have a lot of colleges offering agricultural education graduate degree. We recommend you visit the Embanet website. You’ll find schools in your area or online that’s offering this degree program. Clicking this link will take you there.

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