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Masters Degree Anthropology:
Anthropology deals with the study of humanity. The various aspects of humans are studied by studying the evolution, biology, culture and traditions throughout their history. Anthropology is an interdisciplinary subject that borrows ideas and methods from subjects such as archaeology, history and sociology.

Most students who pursue a master’s degree in anthropology go on to complete a doctorate program. Thus, it is rare for universities to offer terminal masters degree. The coursework of anthropology MS degree is to be completed while pursuing a doctorate degree in anthropology.

Masters Degree Anthropology Requirements:
Students wishing to pursue a graduate degree in anthropology should hold a Bachelors degree in a subject related to either liberal arts or social sciences. Some universities will have you take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). On graduation, students are awarded with a Masters of Arts degree.

Masters Degree Anthropology Coursework:
The coursework for masters’ in anthropology degree will require a study in the field of archaeology, history and linguistics. The subjects that may be covered may include:

1. Psychological Anthropology
2. Medical Anthropology
3. Forensic Anthropology
4. Economic Anthropology
5. Linguistic Anthropology
6. Political Anthropology
7. Historical Anthropology Theory
8. Research Methods
9. Anthropological Data and Statistics
10. Social Repair
11. Development of Humans
12. Paleontology
13. Genetics
14. Evolution
15. Ethnography
16. Prehistoric Archaeology

Research is a very important aspect of the MS in Anthropology program. Other than these technical skills, master’s degree also equips it students with other skills such as communication, leadership and compatibility with people from varied backgrounds, that help the student in other aspects of life as well.

Masters Degree Anthropology Job Prospects:
A person with a masters degree in anthropology can work as a teacher or researcher in college and university. Anthropologists are also employed by museums, government agencies and corporations. Anthropology involves study of people and thus, organizations hire anthropologists for cultural resource preservation. They can make a contribution to community studies, public health and linguistics.

Corporations hire anthropologists for development and marketing projects. Cultural anthropologists can work in the field of advertising and public relations whereas medical anthropologists find employment in community health centers. Physical anthropologists can work in museums in the same capacity as an archeologist or a cultural anthropologist. Physical and Forensic anthropologists can also work in the field on forensics.

Anthropologists with a specialization in primatology can work in zoos as educators and keepers. Linguistic anthropology graduates can work in law enforcement agencies, public service or any other fields that require multilingual people.

Graduates with masters’ degree in Anthropology can select career as university professor, cultural preservationist or a museum curator. As an anthropology graduate, you can also teach other subjects such as biology and social sciences.

Since anthropologists work in a wide variety of fields, the work environment also varies significantly. Anthropologists working in colleges and universities spend a lot of time in classroom and libraries whereas anthropologists engaged in archaeology related work may have to go on several field trips.

Masters Degree Anthropology Salary:
A master in anthropology degree will enhance your pay and professional opportunities. The median salary for anthropologists is approximately $43,890 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The salary can range from anywhere from $40,000 to $80,000 per year depending on the sector you choose to work in.

Masters Degree Anthropology School:
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