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Masters Degree Architecture:
The job of an architect is to conceive and design buildings and other structures for commercial, industrial and residential purposes. An architect is required to have a license before he can start his professional career.

The master’s in architecture program is a professional degree that prepares students for the architectural licensing exams.

Masters Degree Architecture Eligibility:
Masters in Architecture (M. Arch) is a program for students who have completed their Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. Students who don’t have a B. Arch degree but still want to pursue the master’s program have to take up additional physics, architectural history, building science and computers classes. Some universities require students to have Architectural Experience Requirement or Work Experience of at least 18 weeks before they can join the course. The master in architecture program in most schools has duration of one to three and half years.

A person who wants to be an architect must have some inherent skills of creativity and a flair for design.

Masters Degree Architecture Coursework:
The masters’ in Architecture program is essentially an interdisciplinary program that focuses on theory, history and technology involved in architecture. The programs combine design studios, lectures and internships. The design studios are an integral part of the course.

Most universities that offer architecture master degree program offer specializations such as environmental design, interior designing, landscape architecture, architectural technologies, urban and regional planning and more. The M. Arch programs vary significantly in course work from each other and thus, they are given different names such as M. Arch I and M. Arch II to differentiate between them.

Most programs require the students to submit a thesis in the form of a presentation (graphical, oral or written) or design of a physical structure. Students may work under the guidance of a mentor.

The subjects in masters of architecture include:

1. Preservation and Restoration
2. Environmental Design
3. Structural Engineering
4. Space and Composition
5. Building Design and Construction
6. Architectural History and Theory
7. Architectural Computer Graphics
8. Types of Structures
9. Construction Methods
10. Design Seminar
11. Material Innovation
12. Sustainable Architecture
13. Digital Architecture

Other than the compulsory courses, students are given a choice to select their electives.

Masters Degree Architecture Job Prospects:
The expertise of architects can be utilized in the fields of landscape and building design. As a qualified architect, you can either work for an architectural firm, start your own business or simply freelance. Architects mostly work from an office; they may occasionally have to visit construction sites.

The B. Arch degree is not sufficient for an architect to take up a teaching job. It is essential to have a Masters in Architecture degree to teach at a university or college.

Masters Degree Architecture Salary:
The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that the demand for architects is set to grow in proportion with national average until 2014. The employment rate is set to see a jump of 13% between the years 2008 and 2018. The median salary of an architect is $56,637. The average annual salary for architects in 2008 was $70,320.

Masters Degree Architecture School:
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