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Masters Degree Art Therapy:
Art therapy is a profession based on mental health. A master’s degree in art therapy gives you the opportunity to learn all the forms of art therapies, which include drama therapy, dance movement therapy, music therapy and play therapy. It also gives you opportunities to develop your talent as an artist.

MA degree in art therapy enables you to do social service by helping people with mental difficulties, people who have difficulty in learning, people with neurological problems and elderly people in mental conflicts. Such people tend to communicate better through the form of images.

Art therapists work in different conditions in collaboration with psychiatrists, psychologists and other professionals. They help rehabilitate people and improve their physical, emotional and mental health. Art therapists have a challenging job. The only difference between psychology and art therapy is that art therapy is a three-way process and involves the client, the therapist and the art.

Eligibility Criteria for a Masters in Art Therapy:
The minimum requirement to be able to apply for a MA in Art Therapy is to possess a bachelor’s degree in psychology, teaching or psychiatric nursing from a reputable college. One also needs to have appropriate therapist skills. Candidates need to possess a portfolio of their artwork and experience in working under related conditions. Candidates need to have very good expressive skills too.

Coursework for a Master’s in Art Therapy:
Course subjects for art therapy also include clinical therapy subjects such as:
a. Psychopathology
b. Clinical Assessment
c. Clinical Diagnosis

The MA degree in art therapy gives you substantial knowledge in working with different age groups. The course subjects are divided based on age groups:

1. Pictorial and Sculptural Analysis
2. Cultural Diversity in Art Therapy
3. Art Therapy with Children
4. Art Therapy with Adults and Elderly
5. Art Therapy with Adolescents
6. Art Therapy with Groups
7. Family Art Therapy

The essential part of the graduate program in art therapy is supervised clinical training. Studio work is also included in the program to enable students to develop art skills as well.

Career prospects for a Master’s in Art Therapy Degree Holder:
A master’s graduate in art therapy can become an Art therapist. Art therapists are employed in different places as either supervisors or managers. Some of the places where art therapists have prospects are:

a. Community Mental Health Hospitals
b. Therapeutic Counseling Schools
c. Nursing Homes
d. Alternative Health Improvement Institutions
e. Day Treatment Session Hospitals
f. Hospitals for Autistic People
g. Prison Hospitals
h. Voluntary Placement Sectors

The America Art Therapy Association in the US also helps art therapists to be placed in National health care companies, community service institutions and educational organizations. The British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) also employs art therapists in the UK.

The HPC (Health Professional Council) certifies art therapists who have received their Master’s Degree in Art Therapy from a recognized university.

Salary for Master’s Degree in Art Therapy Holders:
Art therapists earn on an average from $33,000 to $48,000 annually. It depends on the clients they deal with. Jobs at NHC and educational organizations are lucrative.

Masters Degree Art Therapy Schools:
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