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Masters Degree Athletic Training:
An athletic trainer is, basically, a healthcare professional who prevents, treats, and rehabilitates injuries that occur due to physical activity. They also help athletes develop healthy athletic habits. An athletic trainer works together with an athlete to improve his skills and abilities.

The master’s degree in athletic training is ideal for people who have an interest in sports and health, and enjoy working with others. It is a great way to be part of the health care industry.

Today, athletic trainers are found not just in sports centers or sports medicine clinics but also in schools, universities and hospitals. Athletic trainers are recognized as healthcare professionals and nearly 70% of the people employed in this field have master degree. Thus, it is important for aspiring athletic trainers to have the MS degree in athletic training.

With athletic training graduate degree, you can become an Athletic and Fitness training professional.

Masters Degree Athletic Training Admission Requirements:
To pursue the MS degree in Athletic Training, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree in either Athletic training or some other related health care subject. Some universities will want you to take have good score on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Masters Degree Athletic Training Coursework:
As per National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA), to become a certified athletic trainer, you should obtain your degree from an accredited athletic training program. NATA also lays down the coursework that should be included in the program. Examples are:

1. Human Anatomy and Physiology
2. First Aid and Emergency Care
3. Nutrition and Therapeutic Modalities
4. Assessment of Illness/Injury
5. Prevention of Illness/Injury
6. Exercise Physiology
7. Therapeutic Exercise
8. Biomechanics/Kinesiology
9. Athletic Training Program Administration
10. Sports Medicine
11. Clinical Athletic Training

The course includes clinical education along with classroom training. To become a certified athletic trainer, you need to pass a test by Board of Certification. Even after you earn your certification, you need to meet continuing education requirements from time to time so as not to lose your certification.

Athletic Trainer Job Prospects:
Graduates with an MS degree in athletic training usually work in educational institution, health care organizations and with individual athletes. This degree program in athletic training helps the students become certified athletic instructors. The job titles under which graduates of master’s degree program in athletic training work are:

1. Athletic Director
2. Head Trainer
3. Assistant Athletic Trainer

Certified Athletic Trainers work with professional sports teams such as soccer, baseball, football, hockey and others or individual athletes. They also work in organizations such as hospitals, medical centers, recreational centers and the US army. An athletic trainer works in collaboration with a physical therapist and a doctor. The athletic trainer is the crucial link between the athlete, his coach and his doctor. Trainers are an integral part of the health care team of athletes.

BLS predicts a growth in the demand of athletic trainers from now through 2014. The profession is growing at the rate of 10% every year.

Athletic Trainer Salary:
As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median yearly salary of an athletic trainer lies in the range of $27,140 and $42,380. In the year 2008, the average annual salary of an athletic trainer was $41,620. Trainers who are employed with professional sports teams earn an average income of $51,260.

Masters Degree Athletic Training School:
There are a few schools that offer this athletic training MS degree program. We have found one we think you will like. The school is University of Cincinnati. You need to request for their free information by clicking this link.

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