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Masters Degree Biotechnology:
Biotechnology is considered the next field of scientific exploration. It is an applied multi-disciplinary biological science. Biotechnology uses basic knowledge from chemistry, biological sciences and chemical engineering to find solutions to practical difficulties in the fields of agriculture, chemical manufacturing and medicine.

Since the last twenty years, biotechnology has been able to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry by creating recombinant protein products such as insulin, erthythroproteins, interferons, human growth hormones and bovine. In the field of agriculture, biotechnology has created insect-resistant plants and herbicides.

These biotechnology creations will have a significant impact on society, as it will be possible to produce high yielding nutritious crops even in high salinity, drought conditions and in extreme cold weather. The field of medicine has also witnessed marvelous creations such as human gene therapies and genetically engineered animals with immense potential.

Looking at the practical applications of biotechnology and its immense potential in the future, a Master’s of Science degree in Biotechnology holds significant importance. This graduate program in biotechnology focuses on formal training and participation in research activities.

Masters Degree Biotechnology Program Objectives:
Students who successfully complete their Master’s Degree in Biotechnology will have a:

1. Good understanding of technologies currently used in the biotechnology field.
2. Better understanding of the regulatory role of state governmental agencies, federal agencies, professional groups and international bodies.
3. Complete understanding of the “business of biotechnology” which includes strategic, financial and human resource management.
4. Increased knowledge about bioinformatics.

Eligibility Criteria:
Applicants having any educational background can enroll for an MS in Biotechnology. However, students who don’t have a molecular biology educational background need to enroll for a college level molecular biology course.

The masters’ of science in biotechnology offers three specializations:

1. Bioinformatics
2. Biotechnology Management
3. Bio-defense and Bio-security

Master Degree in Biotechnology Curriculum:
The curriculum of MS degree in biotechnology includes classes in biotechnology regulations, business management and ethics. The coursework provides all the desired information concerning how the biotech industry is related to public policy, pharmaceuticals and healthcare sectors.

Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary subject and includes subjects such as embryology, molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, robotics and chemical engineering. The majority of the classes in a MS in biotechnology program will involve lab work. Under this program, you will also learn to analyze biological research.

Masters Degree Biotechnology Employment Opportunities:
The biotechnology sector is witnessing rapid growth and the number of employees and employers has increased significantly. Career opportunities in the biotechnology industry range from marketing to sales, research and development, manufacturing, and quality control and assurance. This degree can also help you get jobs in other sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry, health service organizations, agricultural industry, federal, state and local governments, universities and research, horticultural industries and many more sectors.

Some of the jobs that you can apply for after completing a graduate degree in biotechnology are (Medical) research scientist, (life sciences) research scientist, scientist, industrial research scientist, product development, scientific laboratory technician, scientific journalist, research scientist in agriculture, research scientists in horticulture, research scientists in the food industry, teachers, tutors, and lecturers in schools and universities.

Masters Degree Biotechnology Salary:
The biotech field is hot. People in it make very excellent salary. Our research shows the national average salary is $77,000 per year. We saw some that make as much as $128,000 per year. This is usually for people that move into management.

Masters Degree Biotechnology School:
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