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Masters Degree Chemistry:
The aim of a master’s degree program in chemistry is to train the students for a successful research career in industrial and academic settings. Students of a master program in chemistry are expected to be able to apply their theoretical knowledge to research. Chemistry is a very broad field with several divisions and sub divisions.

Coursework for Masters Degree Chemistry:
The MS degree program in chemistry focuses on theoretical study of chemical change and composition, behavior of matter at micro and macro level and practical experiments in laboratory. The study of chemistry at Master’s Level can be divided into the following specializations:

1. Organic Chemistry
2. Inorganic Chemistry
3. Physical Chemistry
4. General Chemistry
5. Biochemistry

Masters Degree Chemistry Eligibility:
To be eligible for a graduate program in chemistry, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, biology or physics with a minor in chemistry. The duration of a master degree in chemistry program is 2 years.

Being a chemist also requires you to have some personal qualities, such as, patience and ability to pay close attention to detail. You should also have a mathematical aptitude and an adaptable nature as you have to work in teams.

Career Options for Masters Degree Chemistry:
A masters’ degree in chemistry opens up several career options for the student. Since chemistry is also involved in physics and biology, You could join plastics industry, biotechnology, forensic science, pharmaceuticals, medicine, oceanography, patent law and much more. You can also do research as a scientist or opt for a career in teaching. Other industries of importance for chemists are petroleum, printing, textile, cosmetics and hospitals.

Chemists usually work in quiet, pleasant environments, such as, those of a laboratory or classroom. They are required to work for about 40 hours a week, but this may vary depending on the demands of the project. The work can be very demanding and can test your patience. However, it is also a very rewarding career.

Masters Degree Chemistry Job Prospects and Salary:
A graduate of chemistry master’s degree can earn a handsome salary by working in an industrial set up. The average starting salary after acquiring a master degree in chemistry is approximately $72,000 per annum. The median starting salary is about $43,600. MS degree graduates are hired by private enterprises and government agencies.

Getting a job after a masters’ degree in chemistry is not difficult at all. Chemists also receive other benefits such as health insurance and paid holidays, depending on the industry they work in. Your advancement in your chosen field depends on the kind of experience and expertise you have.

The job outlook for chemists with a graduate degree remains bright in the future; more so, as more companies are paying attention to their research and development activities. If you are aspiring for a career in chemistry, you must get a graduate degree to land decent jobs. Bachelor’s degree in chemistry is not enough to acquire enough knowledge and all companies prefer candidates with at least a Master’s.

Masters Degree Chemistry School:
We have found good schools that offer graduate degree in chemistry. To know more, visit the graduate degree website. You can get free information through this link.

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