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Masters Degree Civil Engineering:
A master’s degree program in civil engineering is most suitable for people who have a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, and wish to enhance their engineering skills in the field. It will help you with specialized knowledge on supervision of the construction of buildings, dams, roads, tunnels, bridges, dams, sewage systems and water supply.

Coursework for Masters in Civil Engineering:
The curriculum of this course lays heavy emphasis on both learning theory, as well as, practical applications. Since collaboration is one of the most important skills required in this field, it focuses on collaborative work. The MS degree program in civil engineering uses lectures, coursework, exams and laboratory work to focus intensely in the realm of engineering.

Based on the particular area of civil engineering you wish to specialize in, the master degree program, you will take some of the following courses:

1. Linear Programming
2. Physical Hydrology
3. Pipe System Engineering
4. Statistics of Environmental Monitoring
5. Engineering Management-Principles and Practices
6. Civil Engineering Management
7. Advanced Structures
8. Network Analysis
9. Physical Metallurgy
10. Civil Engineering Economy and Administration
11. Optical Properties of Materials
12. Advanced Manufacturing Management Systems
13. Fluid Mechanics
14. Team Management and Leadership
15. Linear Differential Equations

The different areas in this field include Irrigation and Drainage, Structural Stability, Advanced Water Treatment, Wind Engineering and Deep Foundations.

Career as a Civil Engineer Masters Degree Holder:
As a civil engineering graduate degree holder, you’ll have to know many aspects related to the design process- from government regulations and construction costs to the impact of potential environment hazards and expected project lifetimes.

With a masters’ degree in civil engineering, you can choose to work as a structural engineer, city planner, bridge designer and design engineer. If you have an interest in the field of teaching, you can consider teaching in community colleges. You can also start your own consulting or design business and provide engineering services to your clients.

Masters Degree Civil Engineering Salary and Job Prospect:
With MS degree in civil engineering, you can expect better work opportunities with an attractive starting salary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that based on the overall economic condition, civil engineers can expect excellent job opportunities. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the starting salary for master’s degree holders in civil engineering was $48,280 in 2007. Annual salary for Civil Engineers can range from approx. $44,810 to $104,420.

Job prospects for civil engineering master degree holders are expected to surge by as much as 9-17% through 2014.

Masters Degree Civil Engineering School:
We have a found a very school that offers MS degree in civil engineering. The school is Portland State University. You can request for their free and no obligation information. Just click this link to get started.

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