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Masters Degree Computer Engineering:
The field of computer science is highly competitive and the technology in this field is always evolving with new breakthroughs and innovations happening on a daily basis. This trend in technology demands the needs for professionals who are exposed to these technical possibilities.

Computer Engineering is the elementary driver for development of digital systems that play important role in all aspects of our businesses and personal lives. Masters degree in computer engineering combines principles and practices of computer science, electrical engineering, and several other science and engineering fields to design and create computer systems.

The focus of the master’s in computer engineering is hardware, software development and its functions. The program content includes important learning such as computer architecture, design automation, computer algorithms, operating systems, computer networks, network security, embedded systems, software development and several research topics.

Computer systems are created by combining hardware, sophisticated algorithms and software. An MS degree in computer engineering will impart more than foundation knowledge, which will help you participate in advance study.

Masters Degree Computer Engineering Eligibility:
To get into a masters degree program in computer engineering, you should have a Bachelors’ degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Communications, or Telecommunications. Some schools will require you to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Masters Degree Computer Engineering Coursework:
The curriculum of Masters Degree provides students a solid foundation in hardware and software design. It also imparts design skills and theoretical concepts as well as competence in advanced computer technology. The master degree program underlines practical applications of computer engineering. Some of the topics covered are:

1. Computer Architecture and Design
2. Computer Organization & Assembly Language
3. Hardware / Software Co-design
4. Microprocessors Processor Design
5. Multiple Core Processor Design
6. Analysis and Design of Integrated Circuits
7. High Performance Integrated Circuits
8. Modeling Concurrent Systems
9. Digital Signal Processing
10. Sequential Machine Theory
11. Computer Aided Design of Digital Systems
12. VLSI Design Methods (Very Large Scale Integration)
13. Digital Circuit Testing
14. Algorithms & Data Structure
15. Electrical Engineering

Masters Degree Computer Engineering Career Opportunities:
There is huge demand for computer engineering professional in different industries. Employment opportunities exist is almost all industries such as electronic and electrical companies, aerospace companies, engineering and surveying firms, automotive manufacturing companies, telecommunication companies and many more.

The career opportunities differ with potential specializations. Some of the attractive specializations and research opportunities that you can get after completing graduate degree program in Computer Engineering are:

1. Computer Networking
2. Power and Machinery Systems
3. Microprocessor Based Systems
4. Communications and Signal Processing
5. Parallel Computing Systems
6. Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) System Design
7. Image Compression and Processing
8. Fuzzy Logic, Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks
9. Fault Tolerant Computing
10. Wireless Communications and Smart Antennas
11. Channel and Echo Equalization and Adaptive Noise Cancellation

Applications of computer engineering also include designing of video games, visual environment, computer aided design tools, medical information systems, advanced computation systems, networked system environments, autonomous systems and many others.

Masters Degree Computer Engineering Salary:
Computer engineers make excellent salary. The national average salary for computer engineers is $86,000. Those with advanced degree and specialization make even more. These computer engineers can make as much as $104,000 per year.

Masters Degree Computer Engineering School:
There are very good schools that offer this graduate degree in computer engineering. One of our favorites in Colorado Technical University. You can request for their free information by following this link.

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