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Masters Degree Corrections:
A master’s program in corrections will help you build skills appropriate for executive and managerial positions in local, state and federal correctional facilities. This course will make you an expert in the arena of corrections.

The masters degree in corrections will help you gain huge knowledge related to the field. You will gather all the necessary skills that will help you to make and test theories involved in correction. It will show modern and new correctional practices used today.

The duration of master’s program in corrections ranges from 15-18 months, provided you have a bachelor’s degree.

Eligibility for Masters Degree Corrections:
Compared to the other MS degree programs, there is not much exact academic preparation for graduate degree in corrections. However, you should prepare yourself physically and mentally for this career.

Ask yourself such questions as:

1. Are you physically and mentally fit?
2. Do you like to help people?
3. Do you have a clean personal background?
4. Will you be able to handle huge doses of personal accountability and responsibility?
5. Do you have the capacity to make good decisions under pressure?
6. Will you be compassionate enough for others at the time of a difficult situation or circumstance?

Studies included in Master’s Degree in Corrections:
If you pursue a master degree in corrections, you will go through studies that include;

1. Adult Correctional Intervention
2. Administration of Juvenile Justice and Corrections
3. Laws of Corrections
4. Correctional Programs and Delinquency
5. Ethical Practices in Corrections
6. Comparative Correctional Systems
7. Critical Issues in Corrections
8. Community Based Corrections
9. Juvenile Correctional Intervention

Career Opportunities after completing Master’s in Corrections:
Once you complete and obtain a masters’ degree in corrections, you will become a leader in correctional organizations. You can contemplate the following career positions for yourself:

1. Corrections Supervisor
2. Parole Administrator
3. Corrections Director
4. Prison Warden
5. Corrections Executive
6. Corrections Administrator

Potential employers for people with corrections master degree are mainly the government agencies such as federal correctional facilities, Customs and Border Protection, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and Department of Homeland Security.

Masters Degree Corrections Salary:
Your payment will be more than a bachelor’s degree holder. The average salary for a person with a master’s degree in corrections is $62,000 per year. However, this income varies from one position to another and depends on the role you are carrying out. For instance, a parole administrator makes $116,000 per year, whereas a correctional institution administrator makes $140,000 per year.

Masters Degree Corrections School:
There very few schools that offer corrections MS degree. You can find on the graduate degree website. If you are interested, you should request for their free information. You can do so by following this link.

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