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Masters Degree Counseling:
The job of a counselor involves counseling students regarding social and educational issues. Counselors assist students overcome peer pressure, help them make tough personal decisions and contribute to the overall career development of school students.

Counseling is a branch of mental health and education. This degree is the basic qualification to be able to pursue a career as a school counselor.

Master’s Degree Eligibility:
You need to have a bachelor’s degree to be able to pursue a master’s degree program in counseling. It is better to have an undergraduate degree in counseling, child psychology or education, as these undergraduate courses along with a graduate degree in counseling offer the best combination to meet requirements of school counseling as a career. Graduates of the master in counseling program are awarded either a Master of Arts or Master of Science or Master of Education degree.

Masters Degree Counseling Coursework:
In most universities, the duration of a full time counseling MS degree is two and a half to three years. The coursework of the masters’ degree program lays emphasis on theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills. The core subjects taught in the course are:

1. Administration of Counseling Program
2. Group Counseling
3. Counseling Theory
4. Counseling Techniques
5. Developmental Psychology
6. Curriculum Organization
7. School Counseling Basics

Certain schools require students to complete a thesis, whereas, others ask students to submit their professional portfolio before graduation. The program involves attending seminar and workshops, making presentations and writing papers to gain a hands-on experience.

Masters Degree Counseling Career Opportunities and Salary:
After completing your Master’s degree in counseling, you can find work as a school counselor, school psychologist, guidance counselor, counseling educator or educational administrator. As per Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 665,500 school and education counselors are employed in the US. The sector is expected to see a 14% growth by the year 2018. The average median salary for a school counselor in 2008 was $57,800 per annum. The average annual salary along with the job profile is given below:

1. School Counselor:
The salary usually exceeds $50,000 per year. The job involves helping school students with personal or career related problems.

2. Counseling Educator:
The counseling educators or instructors are the ones who train aspiring school counselors. The yearly median salary for this profession lies in the range of $46,000 to $92,000.

3. Educational Administrator:
This job profile is open to school counselors with some amount of work experience who want to get into administration. The job involves responsibilities such as implementing educational policies, programs and solving education system related problems at district level. The average median salary for this profession was $74,100 in the year 2004.

As school districts continue to grow rapidly, the job prospects for graduates of master’s program in school counseling are very bright.

Masters Degree Counseling School:
A career as a counselor can be a very rewarding experience. If you wish to know more about the master’s degree program in counseling, then the University of Phoenix is the school for you. They are the leading innovators in online learning. You can get all the free information you want, with no obligation on your part. Just click this link to begin.

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