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Masters Degree Criminology:
Criminology is the study of crime and criminal law. Professionals in this field are called criminologists. To become a criminologist, you need to complete at least a master’s degree in criminology. Most criminologists hold a PhD.

The job of a criminologist is to research and study behavior of criminals, sociopathological phenomenon and much more. Criminologists study all psychological, sociological and biological factors associated with crimes. The main focus of criminology is on studying law enforcement methods and crime deterrence. Criminologists also study the effects of crime on society and try to play a positive role in the rehabilitation of criminals.

Masters Degree Criminology Eligibility:
Most universities require students aspiring for a seat in the masters’ program in criminology to have a Bachelor’s degree in criminology or other justice and social sciences (psychology, law) related subjects. Some schools will require that you take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Masters Degree Criminology Coursework:
The duration of the criminology master degree program is 2 years. The program prepares students for a number of careers in a variety of fields. Students with MS degree in criminology are more suitable for positions in criminal justice organizations. They are preferred for supervisory roles in Corrections and Law Enforcement.

The graduate degree is a very flexible program that allows students to specialize in a particular area of interest. Students who complete the course are awarded with a Masters of Science degree. The courses you may study for this degree program are:

1. Theory of Crime
2. Criminal Law
3. Criminal Justice System
4. Criminal Ethnography
5. Radical Criminology
6. Social Value System
7. Theory of Punishment
8. Forensics
9. Rehabilitation
10. Research Methods

Most universities require students to complete about 30 course credits. It is advisable to do an internship during your course of study to gain some practical experience in your area of interest.

Masters Degree Criminology Job Prospect:
The Masters in criminology program prepares students for careers in a variety of fields and the job profile of a criminologist is very different in each field. Criminologists make a large contribution in the fields of policing, administration, justice, corrections and many more. Some criminologists also choose to participate in community initiatives and policy projects with justice agencies.

Criminologists can also have a career in the field of teaching. They can teach subjects such as sociology, law, legal studies and criminology. They can also work as advisors with justice agencies. Criminologists can also provide consulting services for issues such as law reform, juvenile justices and adult corrections.

Masters Degree Criminology Salary:
The salary earned by criminologists depends on the field of their work, experience and their position. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, criminologists working as educators and teachers at universities earn anywhere from $32,270 to $66,460 per year. The median salary of criminologists is $68,570 per year. Criminologists with over one year of experience can expect to earn about $44,000 a year. Top paying agencies for criminologists are research and development firms, universities and local government organizations.

Masters Degree Criminology School:
If you want more information about master program in criminology and colleges that offer this degree, visit the graduate degree website. You can request free and no obligation information. Follow this link to get started.

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