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Masters Degree Cybercrime:
The word “cybercrime” evokes unpleasant feelings in companies that heavily depend on networking and security expertise as a way to do their business. Cybercrime master’s degree holders have a responsibility of safeguarding data systems from hacking attempts and securing data. These professionals are also required to be alert about different security risks that organizations may encounter.

With growing instances of cybercrime attempts such as phishing frauds and identity theft, organizations feel an intense need to defend themselves against any such attacks and hence cybersecurity experts are in great demand. A master degree in cybercrime prepares an individual for employment in the field of cyber security and the world of the Internet.

An MS degree in cybercrime imparts essential skills required to work in association with law enforcement to secure computer networks, recover data and ensure integrity on the chain of evidence presented in legal proceedings.

Program Objective:
A graduate program in cybercrime trains students to assist victims of cybercrimes and present proof of the crime. A student who successfully completes this degree program will have the knowledge required in the modern world to work with private investigators, law enforcement agencies and security firms to assist companies in providing protection against cybercrimes. This program in cybercrime also imparts the knowledge required to work with federal, local and private officials to help in cybercrime situations.

Masters Degree Cybercrime Eligibility Criteria:
Applicants are required to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Cybercrime or any equivalent field. Some schools will require that you take and do well in the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Masters Degree Cybercrime Course Curriculum:
The different modules in Master’s Program in Cybercrime can include:

• Computer Network Security
• Forensic Computing
• Data Retrieval
• Criminal Justice System
• Research Methods
• Digital Equipment
• Crime Scene Investigation
• Evidence Integrity Procedures
• Institutional Corrections
• Cyber Crime
• Mathematics
• Human Relations
• Database Security
• Basic Electronics
• Communications
• Ethics in Criminal Justice

An MS Degree in Cybercrime also imparts skills in students that are useful in cybercrime investigations. These skills are also useful in retrieving evidence from different electronic devices used in cybercrime:

• Digital Equipment Skills
• Criminal Psychology Skills
• Critical Thinking Skills
• Forensic Computing Skills
• Computer Network Security Skills
• Criminal Law Skills
• Crisis Resolution Skills
• Electronics Skills
• Data Retrieval Skills
• Legal Ethics Skills
• Stress Management Skills
• Crisis Management Skills
• Communication Skills
• Interviewing Skills
• Human Relations Skills
• Report Writing Skills

Masters Degree Cybercrime Employment Opportunities:
Every company, irrespective of size, operates a computer network. Cyber security expertise has become a necessity for a network of any size. The titles for cyber security professional differ with industries and companies they work for. The different work positions that a graduate with a master’s of science in cybercrime can look for are network administrator, network security specialist, or information security technician.

In larger organizations, cyber security experts can participate in the design and development of new products, systems and services. With advent of e-commerce, network security has gained more importance in financial transactions and the protection of personal information, which is transmitted across networks.

Cyber security experts also play an important role in securing the personal and financial data of employees, health records and prevent criminal activity and intrusions in a network.

Cybercrime Salary:
In the modern world, people trained to fight cyber crime make very good salary. Our research on shows the national average salary is $74,000 per year. We also saw salaries as high as $126,000 to $168,000 per year.

Masters Degree Cybercrime School:
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