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Masters Degree Education:
Those who pursue careers in education have a love for expanding the human mind. They do this by impacting knowledge to others. They play the role of teachers and administrators to the next generation of learners.

A masters degree in education is a graduate level course of study. Those that acquire this degree set themselves apart from their peers. They teach higher level classes or become administrators of educational institutions.

Educational institutions need vice principals, principals, schools superintendent, deans to name a few. Most of the time, it is those that have at least a master’s degree or higher in education that are considered for these positions.

A master of education degree also allows one the opportunity to specialize in certain areas of educational teaching. One can choose to specialize in early childhold education. A graduate level study will give you the chance to concentrate in this area of teaching. You will be able to engage in concentrated study in early childhold education. Not only that, you will engage in practical field experience that brings you face to face with real world situations and examples.

The master’s degree program in education should take you 18 to 24 months to complete if you already have a bachelors degree in education. Be prepared to take such classes as:

1. Teacher Leadership
2. Curriculum Planning
3. Education Research Methods
4. Curriculum Theory and Practice
5. Education and Social Practice
6. Diversity in Education
7. Classroom Discipline and Management
8. Legal Issues for Educators
9. Comparative Education
10. Etc.

When you graduate, you can go on to practice in your area of study. You can also go on to pursue further education or specialization. An example is to get a doctorate degree in education

You need not worry about gaining employment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the need for more educators or school administrators by the year 2016. They are projecting an increase of nearly 12%. They believe education will be of greater importance in our lives.

In the education field there are positions that require licensure. An example is principals and vice principals. Most states require that principals and vice principals be licensed. The licensing usually involves taking and passing a state test. You will then be required to take continuing education classes to keep your license.

Master Degree Education Salary:
A masters degree pays more than a bachelors degree. People with master’s degree in education make an average salary of $76,000 per year.

If you are lucky to land a job as a principal, the average salary is $96,000 per year. And get this, those that gain employment as chief academic officer make as much as $141,000 per year.

These are not chump change by any means!

Masters Degree Education School:
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