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Masters Degree Elementary Education:
A person who has a degree or teaching certificate to work with students can pursue further studies by enrolling for a master’s degree in elementary education. This is a degree that allows the pursuer to work in schools and teach elementary school students. The degree provides essential skills that are required in the classroom to teach students, plan a class, provide instructions, assess grades and set curriculum.

If you pursue an elementary education master degree, there are certain skills you develop over time. These skills are very important for an elementary school teacher.

The skills the program imparts in you include:

1. Classroom Assessment Skills
2. Class Preparation Skills
3. Student Psychology Skills
4. Teaching Skills
5. Students Development Skills
6. Writing Skills
7. Evaluation Skills

To get an MS degree in Elementary Education, you need to take up certain courses. The courses required are:

1. Literature Study Methods
2. Social Study Methods
3. Early Childhood Education
4. Primary Reading
5. Math and Science Teaching Methods
6. Elementary Writing
7. Classroom Assessment
8. Art Education
9. Teaching Languages Arts
10. Analytical Writing and Reading
11. General Psychology
12. General Chemistry
13. Computer Teaching Applications
14. Student Teaching

Taking the above-mentioned courses would make a complete elementary education teacher. All the courses concentrate on different aspects of teaching required to teach elementary school students.

Career Opportunities for Masters Degree Elementary Education:
If you complete elementary education master degree in, you can opt for one of the many different career options. Some of the careers you can pursue are:

1. School Teacher
2. Tutor
3. School Principal
4. Trainer
5. School Administrator

In recent times, teachers with MS degree in elementary education are quite in demand. The need for well-qualified teachers with a reputed master degree is growing fast. For individuals who wish to make a career in teaching, there are opportunities galore, waiting to be filled.

The demand for teachers with graduate degree has increased because the demand for students to know more at an early age is increasing. Most schools prefer appointing teachers with masters degree. Consequently, teachers with lower degrees are taking up masters in elementary education courses to boost their career advancement.

Masters Degree Elementary Education Salary:
The earnings you can expect after you get elementary education master’s degree vary depending on the career option you choose. It also depends on where you are employed, government school or a privately owned school.

According to the study conducted by the US Department of Labor, the average annual income of an elementary education teacher in a government school range between $41,400 and $45,920. The annual income of elementary teachers in private school, however, is comparatively less than that of the elementary teachers in public schools.

You can also earn a handsome income if you provide private tuitions. It supplements your main income and you can use your spare time productively.

Masters Degree Elementary Education School:
University of Phoenix offers excellent MS degree in elementary education. You can do on campus or online. In fact, they are considered the leading innovators in online education. You have nothing to lose by requesting for their free information. You can do so by following this link.

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