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Masters Degree Engineering Management:
If you are a working professional associated and working in the engineering vocation, and wish to get into management roles or executive positions, pursuing a master’s degree in engineering management can prove very beneficial to you. This master program will educate you with a solid foundation in essential business and management skills, and will also increase your knowledge base in engineering.

To pursue this Masters course, you need to have a Bachelors degree in engineering management or another engineering discipline. There are schools that will require you take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Masters Degree Engineering Management Coursework:
An MS program in engineering management will instill in you the necessary research and development, and marketing skills required to manage new technological developments. By pursuing this degree, you can also acquire the essential financial skills needed for top level management positions.

If you’re looking to learn important management techniques and gain new engineering proficiency, this graduate degree program will definitely work to your advantage. A typical curriculum of engineering management master’s degree program will provide you comprehensive information on:

1. Systems Analysis
2. Risk Analysis
3. Financial and Managerial Accounting
4. Technology Marketing and Management
5. Organizational Theory and Behavior
6. Engineering Ergonomics
7. Project Management
8. Business Financial Management
9. Quality Management and Engineering
10. Applied Probability

Engineering Management Masters Degree Career:
Engineering management masters’ degree holders are in high demand in varied industries including scientific, manufacturing, technical and professional sectors. These offer the bulk of employment opportunities.

Several openings for engineering managers are also available at federal, state and local levels.

As an Engineering Manager, you’ll be responsible for formulating, planning and coordinating production activities for your organization.

As per the reports of Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job demand for engineering managers in businesses is expected to increase by around 8% between the period from 2006-2016. The fastest growth is supposed to be in biomedical and environmental engineering- two of the most rapidly emerging industries.

With the engineering management skills you acquire by pursuing this master degree, you won’t necessarily be limited to the above industries.

As an engineering management masters degree holder, you can expect to pursue your career as:

1. Manufacturing Engineer
2. Engineering Project Manager
3. Natural Science Manager
4. Mechanical Engineer/Program Manager
5. Buyer for Professional & Business Operations
6. Engineering Manager

Masters Degree Engineering Management Salary:
After successfully completing your engineering management masters’ degree program, you can expect an attractive salary package. The median annual income of engineering management master’s degree holders in 2006 was approximately $105,000. Besides, even in the lower rung- generally in state government positions- the average annual salary was around $65,000. In comparison to non-managers, you can expect more benefits, stock option plans, bonuses and expense accounts.

Masters Degree Engineering Management School:
If you are planning to pursue a master program in engineering management, the graduate degree website will guide you properly towards finding the most suitable school offering this degree. This web site will provide you with a list of various schools offering this degree. You can request for free information from these schools. Just click this link to start.

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