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Masters Degree Family Nurse Practice:
Master’s degree in family nurse practice is one of the specializations offered in graduate schools of Nursing. After completing this MS degree, you become Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP).

The master degree in family nurse practice provides training in the diagnosis and management of common and complex medical conditions. A Family Nurse Practitioner is trained to provide a wide range of health care services.

After successful completion of the masters’ degree program in family nurse practice, FNPs can work with children in pediatric nursing, with patients admitted in acute care nursing and in psychiatric nursing where people suffering from mental distress are admitted.

Family Nurse Practitioner Job Profile:
Family Nurse Practitioner has expertise in providing a wide range of specialist care to diverse group of patients. FNP focus on health promotion and disease prevention that begins in childhood and continues throughout your aging process. FNP are provided special training to diagnose and develop treatment plans for chronic and serious diseases.

A Family Nurse Practitioner job can include:

1. Diagnosis, treatment, evaluation and management of non-life-threatening acute and chronic illness and disease
2. Get medical histories and conduct physical examinations
3. Order, perform and interpret diagnostic studies
4. Prescribe physical therapy and other rehabilitation treatments
5. Provide prenatal care and family planning services
6. Provide well-child care which includes screening and immunizations
7. Provide primary and specialty care services, health-maintenance care for adults, which includes annual physicals
8. Provide care for patients in acute and critical care settings
9. Counseling and educating patients on health behaviors, treatment options and self-care skills

FNP Eligibility Criteria:
Applicants are required to have Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing. They need to possess a license for registered nurses. Some schools will require you have work or clinical experience.

Masters Degree Family Nurse Practice Curriculum:
The family nurse practitioner master’s degree program curriculum includes a wide range of topics important in healthcare. Some of the topics that are part of Certified Family Nurse Practitioner curriculum are:

1. Women's Reproductive Health
2. Contraception
3. Health Assessment and Family Nursing Theory
4. Pediatric Health Promotion & Protection
5. Pediatric Pathophysiology
6. Clinical Pharmacology
7. Nutrition
8. Symptom Assessment & Management
9. Women's Health: Special Problems
10. Seminar: Family Primary Care
11. Care of High-Risk Populations I & II
12. Complex Health Problem Management
13. Health Care Economics and Policy
14. Farm Worker Primary Health Care

Family Nurse Practitioner Career Opportunities:
FNP’s can work as administrators, case managers, patient and staff educators, researchers and policy makers in family medicine field. Autonomy and Flexibility are the most important characteristics of this profession. The flexibility allows FNPs to work in variety of settings to meet the specific need of their patients. They can work in hospice centers, private offices, clinics, schools, homes and nurse managed health centers.

The healthcare industry is currently facing a shortage of family nurse practitioners and the demand for these professionals having a master degree in family nurse practice is likely to grow in the future.

Family Nurse Practitioner Salary:
The salaries for FNPs depend on various factors such as education, type of specialty, year of experience and the State and city you work in. The average salary of FNPs in year 2009 was around $82,590. Your salary will continue to increase as you gain years of experience and service.

Masters Degree Family Nurse Practice School:
There are few schools that offer this graduate degree. But we have found one. The school is University of Phoenix. They are the leading innovators in online learning. You can get their free information by following this link

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