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Masters Degree Fashion:
The fashion industry is one of the booming industries in the market today. It is an esteemed and lucrative industry. People in the fashion industry are usually passionate and self-motivated. A Master’s Degree in Fashion develops the talents of individuals and encourages them to improvise in clothing with the appropriate use of technology.

A graduate degree in fashion allows students into the fashion industry with their personalized compilation of work and ideas. International universities have students from different cultural and fashion backgrounds. This provides a good platform for the students to enhance their fashion potential. The tutors for the course are usually high profile professionals from the fashion world.

An MA in Fashion can be obtained in fashion design or fashion marketing. It gives you an idea about the various trends in the fashion industry, the different design methodologies and the textile culture. It also enables you to develop skills in strategic fashion marketing.

Eligibility for a Master’s Degree in Fashion:
To be able to apply for a master degree in fashion marketing, you need to have a suitable degree in an associated discipline or an equivalent degree in the fashion field. However, some institutions accept candidates with architecture or arts background as well.

Candidates without an undergraduate degree in fashion but with a minimum of three years experience in fashion are also eligible. A suitable portfolio of your experience in the industry is essential for people without an undergraduate degree. Candidates are also required to have a certification in English such as IELTS or TOEFL if they do not have English as their first language.

Coursework for Master’s Degree in Fashion:
The coursework for a Master’s Degree in Fashion Marketing includes learning the concepts of international business marketing and developing marketing strategies. The program can have some of these subjects:

• Fashion Brand Marketing
• Fashion Business Strategy
• Fashion Retail Management
• Fashion Buying Management
• Visual Merchandising
• Marketing Communications
• Principles of Global Economy

The MA program in fashion design functions with the objective of giving the students an overall view of research and project backgrounds. Some of the subjects/workshops in the course include:

• Contemporary Art
• Accessory Design Methodologies
• Fashion Communication
• Fashion Psychology
• Tailoring Elements
• Socio-economic Forecasting
• Textile Culture

Students will have to do a project in collaboration with a reputed fashion designer at the end of the course.

Career options for Master’s in Fashion holders:
The graduates in fashion design are passionate and self-motivated, and hence are mostly self-employed. Freelance careers such as style consultants, stylists for news agencies, television companies and event managers are other venues. Some career prospects that students can look forward to being are fashion designers, trend searchers and product managers.

Having masters degree in fashion marketing can lead to a career in fashion retail and fashion buying management. Fashion retail managers are responsible for predicting consumer demands in future. They have to be aware of market statistics and sales figures to ensure profitability and productivity, and stay ahead of a competition.

Masters Degree Fashion Salary:
People in fashion make good money. Fashion marketers make as much as $53,000 per year. Fashion designers make as much as $52,000 per year. This is based on national average from

Masters Degree Fashion School:
There are very good fashion schools one can do his or her master’s program. You just need to evaluate them and pick the one you like. You should begin by requesting for their free information. You can start by clicking this link.

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