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Masters Degree Film Studies:
Film Studies is a field of study that involves exploring film and video as a form of art. Anyone who has a flair to become a film director or a film critic can take up a course in film studies. The course helps you understand the significance of film from a social and cultural perspective.

A masters degree program in film studies is a course designed specifically to give students who have completed their Bachelor program in film studies in-depth knowledge in contemporary cinema and related fields. The program in film studies focuses mainly on understanding the significant history of film making and film theory. It aims to enhance students’ competence levels in film by providing specialized knowledge in different disciplines related to film.

A Master’s Degree in Film Studies is an exciting program which deals with different aspects of film and helps you explore all the behind the screen aspects.

Eligibility Criteria:
To seek admission into a master’s in film studies degree program, you need to have an undergraduate degree in the same field. Apart from the Bachelor’s Degree, you need to have a good understanding of different aspects of cinema. You need to be creative. Though the basic criterion is a Bachelor’s Degree, some universities may require you to have working hand experience in film making or anything related to film.

Skills Developed and Employment Opportunities:
Unlike a bachelor degree in film studies, the curriculum for a masters’ degree in film studies is not rigid. You can develop your area of study and engage yourself in acquiring in-depth knowledge in your field of interest. In the program, the professors work closely with their students and help them understand the intricacies of film and help the students develop their area of interest.

The master program in film studies provides you insight about film as a form of communication. By the end, of course, you will have a deep understanding of your field of interest in film and you would be a pro in your chosen course of study. After the completion of the degree, you can work in different fields related to film, such as film archives, film administration, information and media industries, film editing, etc.

Earning Potential After You Complete Your Film Studies Masters Program:
Once you get your MA degree in film studies, your earning potential will increase significantly. Since this degree paves the way for career opportunities in diverse fields, your earning potential would greatly depend on the field you choose.

After your Master’s program, you can become a director and you can earn a six-figure salary. You can even assist a prominent film director and earn as much as $35 for every hour of work you put in. You can become a film critic and write articles in local papers. As a film critic, you can earn anything from $40,000 - $60,000. Your pay would increase with experience and the production house. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as a video editor you can earn $25.76 per hour.

Masters Degree Film Studies School:
There are very good film studies schools one can do his or her master’s program. You just need to evaluate them and pick the one you like. You should begin by requesting for their free information. You can start by clicking this link.

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