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Masters Degree Forensic Science:
Forensic science is the use of science for investigation as it relates to the legal system. The forensic science field includes crime scene investigation, forensic psychology, forensic accounting, computer forensics and many more disciplines.

Forensic science involves the use of innovative biological methods such as DNA analysis. It also uses advanced techniques to analyze bloodstains, fingerprints, toxic substances and explosive residue. Forensic science has revolutionized the way in which the criminal justice system operates.

Forensic science concentrates on fundamental techniques and concepts of basic science disciplines. However, it is not necessary that forensic science leads only to a career as a crime investigator. A Forensic Science Master’s Degree prepares you for a broad range of careers and not only for those careers shown on television.

Program Objectives:
Forensic science is a multi-faceted degree subject. Forensic science investigations function within the purview of the criminal justice and legal systems. The focus of a MS program in Forensic Science is to educate students to use disciplined investigative techniques to locate and study biological and chemical evidence to help resolve crimes. The program also imparts knowledge of biology, chemistry and biomedical science that is required in the field.

Masters Degree Forensic Science Eligibility Criteria:
Applicants need to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Chemistry or a related field. Skills such as attention to details and good communication are also required.

Masters Degree Forensic Science Course Curriculum:
The topics included in a master in forensic science curriculum mainly depend on the area of specialization you choose. This MS program develops students’ knowledge about different scientific ideas and techniques involved in the forensic science field. Forensic science specialization includes disciplines such as engineering sciences, physical anthropology, toxicology, criminalistics and pathology.

The different topics of the forensic science field can include:

1. Notable practitioners in the forensic science field and their contributions
2. How forensic science influences and affects criminal procedures
3. Tools used in different forensic science sub-fields
4. Evidence analyzed and considered using knowledge of forensic science
5. Scientific theory employed by forensic scientists

Masters Degree Forensic Science Career Opportunities:
A graduate degree in forensicsScience is preferred for advanced positions in the field. It can provide you an opportunity to become a crime scene investigator as shown on many television series. However, you can also work as forensic lab technicians and forensic science experts in state crime scene labs, county and local law enforcement agencies, and with federal agencies that have criminal investigation lab.

You can also choose to work as forensic science expert for private investigators and private crime scene labs. A MS Degree in Forensics gives you an opportunity to specialize in different niche areas in forensic science. These specializations increase your chance of employment and an increased salary.

The different career titles in forensic science include crime lab analyst, forensics profiler, forensic engineer, medical examiner, crime scene examiner and computer analyst.

Masters Degree Forensic Science Salary:
Forensic Master’s Degree holders can either choose direct employment with governmental agencies or work as independent consultants for them. A forensic technician earns around $29,025 - $46,028 per year. However, wages or salary also depends on experience and the employer.

Masters Degree Forensic Science School:
There very good forensic science schools one can do his or her master’s program. You just need to evaluate them and pick the one you like. You should begin by requesting for their free information. You can start by clicking this link.

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