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Masters Degree Geography:
Geography is a field which exclusively deals on how the environment, ecology patters, weather and landmasses affect the world. As geography is one of the most ancient studies in the world involving social sciences, the need for geographers is still large. Masters degree in geography is perfect for students having a flair for the humanities and liberal arts, and allured to the various international issues, the sciences and the environment. Students also get to learn about the impact of geographical perspectives on natural systems as well as humans.

There are various disciplines in geography such as human geography, which studies the relation of people, and then we have the economic geographers who study distribution of wealth and allocation of resources and much more. Owing to all these diversified fields, a person, after completing an MA in Geography degree can work in almost any capacity, right from regional development and scientific research to marketing in real estate. A geographer can advise governments, work with various environmental organizations and be a consulting developer.

Eligibility Required Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Geography:
A student planning to pursue a master’s degree program in geography must have a good knowledge of calculus and statistics. Those who come from social science or natural science backgrounds can go for Environment Remote Sensing programs and Geographical Information systems (GIS), which are important aspect of the graduate program in geography.

Coursework Involved in a Master’s in Geography:
The course work in the major of geography primarily includes topics such as biodiversity, earth sciences, world religions, ecosystems, geomorphology, hydrology, forestry, climatology and environmentalism. There are also studies related to a particular continent, which may be also further divided into region courses.

Career Opportunities for Master’s Program in Geography:
Employment opportunities for those having a Master’s in Geography Degree are going to be more as compared to Bachelor’s Degree holders. The career opportunities are widespread, ranging from environmental sciences, health care, forestry and even politics. Geography goes hand in hand with development jobs and urban planning. Climatologists are always in demand for news outlets, government agencies and publishers. Apart from these, a person with MA in Geography degree can also work as a landscape architect, ecologist, educator or researcher.

Salary After Completing a Major in Geography:
Earning opportunities for people with a master in geography vary as per their area and specialty. Urban and regional planners can draw a median salary of up to $56,600 whereas cartographers and surveyors can make $48,000. Atmospheric scientists can earn up to $77,100 whereas hydrologists can earn an average of $56,000. Those having this degree in geography also get other benefits such as paid holidays, pensions, insurance and vacations.

If you are dying to explore the world, then you should definitely go for an MA degree in Geography program. It includes everything that will make you a perfect geographer and will take you towards a path of a successful and satisfying career.

Masters Degree Geography School:
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