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Masters Degree Hospitality Management:
The hospitality industry involves hospitals, hotels and tourism related businesses. It is the biggest industry in the world. The main concern of people in the hospitality industry is making sure that their customers have a good time and to make their travel easy and comfortable.

Hospitality management masters degree is essential if you want to get a high-paying job and if you want to work in the best companies in the hospitality industries.

After completing the master of hospitality management degree, you have the opportunity to work in interesting jobs and in different parts of the world. Here are some of the fields in which you can work after getting a graduate degree in hospitality management:

a) Event Planning:
After getting an MS Degree in Hospitality Management, you can go into Event Planning. Event Planners do jobs like coordinate special events, planning meetings, bridal consultation, and party planning. In event planning you organize and plan events like conventions, weddings and special occasions.

You will also have to decide upon the guest list, catering, selection of the date of the event and the location. If you want to have event planning as your career, you need to have traits such as organizational skills, ability to remain cool under pressure, adaptability and creativity in finding solutions to any problems you may face while planning the event.

Event planning is also a part of jobs like marketing, public relations and corporate communications. You can work in a company that specializes in planning events or you can work in a travel agency or a convention center as an in-house consultant. In the field of event management, you can work as:

1. Exhibit Planner
2. Facilities Manager
3. Display Coordinator
4. Travel Coordinator
5. Register Coordinator

It is wise to let the event managers handle the conventions. The event coordinator knows the logistics of the venue such as the amount of space available, safety and fire regulations, phone numbers of caterers, advertising material, plans for travel and accommodation, and staffing. All things learned in the Master of Hospitality Management come to the aid of the event planner.

Event Planner Salary and Certification:
Meeting planners earn around $40,000 per year. Certification to start your practice can be availed from Meeting Professionals International, which provides Certification in Meeting Management. The International Association for Exhibitions and Events provides the Certificate in Exhibition Management.

b. Travel Agent:
Travel agents make arrangements for accommodation, expedition and transportation. They also help cruise lines and travel groups promote travel packages. If you want to be a travel agent, you need to be accurate and careful with your planning.

You also need to be well organized, as it's your responsibility to organize your client's travel schedule. You also need to have good writing, sales and communication skills. All these things are taught to you during a master’s degree program in hospitality management

Commuters want their travel agents to know everything: from recreation, restaurants, tourist attractions, customs regulation, travel papers needed and also the exchange rates. To keep themselves up-to-date on all this information, the travel agents uses the Internet and various travel publications.

Agents have to work for long hours, but with the computer and advancements in telecommunications the travel agents can also work from home. It is hard work as most agents more than work 40 hours a week.

Travel Agent Salary:
The salary of a travel agent depends upon various factors such as talent, experience, the size and location of the company. Annual earnings of a travel agent can be between $25,000 and $30,000 per year.

Masters Degree Hospitality Management School:
There are a few schools that offer a master degree program in hospitality management. You can visit one of our favorite sites for finding that schools. You can find school in your area or online. The information is free and you not obligated in any way. Click here to get started.

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