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Masters Degree Human Service:
If you are a person who loves to be involved with social activities and you enjoy serving mankind, you can consider getting a specialized masters degree course in human services. A master’s degree in human service is a program that mainly concentrates on the general provisions and study of human and social services, not only to individuals, but also to the community as a whole.

This program would prepare you to work in various public and privately owned human service agencies. A human service graduate degree is often considered the same as social service master degree.

However, they are very different in the sense that the human service degree includes a wider array of activities such as psychological counseling, rehabilitation, psychic disorders, and drug abuse amongst others as compared to the social service degree, which is limited only to a few activities.

Masters Degree Human Service Specialization:
A Masters Degree in human service can be obtained by specialization in various fields. The specialization field that you can opt for includes:

1. Mental Health Counseling
2. Counseling Studies
3. Marital and Family Counseling
4. Gerontology
5. School Counseling
6. Addiction Counseling
7. Community and Social Service
8. General Health Services / Health and Wellness
9. Health Care Administration
10. Managing Nonprofit Organizations

Masters Degree Human Service Programs:
If you are considering a Masters Degree in human service, you must choose your program wisely. There are varieties of programs for human service that you can choose from. Some of the recommended programs are:

1. Master of Science (MS) in Human Services – General Human Services
2. Master of Science (MS) in Human Services – Social and Community Services
3. Master of Science (MS) in Human Services – Management of Nonprofit Agencies
4. Master of Science (MS) in Public Safety – Public Safety leadership
5. Masters Degree in Humanities
6. Master of Science (MS) in Public Safety – Emergency Management

Human Services Career Opportunities:
After you complete your master’s degree in humans services, there are a lot of career opportunities for you. With the increase in everyday stress, people across different levels of the society are becoming prone to various addictions. And to help out these addicts, there is a great demand for social counseling.

In recent times, the human services career has become very demanding. The state labor boards, community service providers, healthcare institutions, rehabilitation centers are always on the look out for qualified and professional counselors. The counselors are in great demand because of the increasing register in marital cases, increasing crime involving young men, and the people concerned with such cases need to be given proper counseling so as to help them lead a normal life.

Masters Degree Human Service Salary:
It must, however, be remembered that human service jobs require you to have a great sense of responsibility. The remuneration package you receive for your job is also quite handsome. The average salary for somebody with MS degree in human service is $63,000 per year. The salary will continue to go up as you gain more experience and years of service.

Masters Degree Human Service School:
There are various schools that offer MS degree in human service. One of the most recommended schools for this graduate degree in human service is Capella University. For information on the university, the course structure, and curriculum you can log onto their web site through this link. They will send you their free information upon your request.

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