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Masters Degree Industrial Design:
Industrial designers are professionals who create and develop specifications and concepts for systems and products. These products are optimized for value, function and appearance, which are beneficial for both the manufacturer and user.

The industrial design professional’s work touches all aspects of our lives in different forms of products such as healthcare equipment, furnishings, rehabilitation technologies, communication devices and a host of other consumer products and services. While giving form to a product or service, the industrial design professional acts as a consumer advocate, providing the human link between technology and people.

The industrial design professional’s responsibilities include fitting the system. It also includes the consideration of appropriate ergonomics and aesthetics, technical processes involved, marketing opportunities, requirements for manufacture and economic limitations.

Masters degree program in industrial design prepares students to enter into the consumer and manufacturing product sector, especially in the product design niche. It involves the use of innovative visual art techniques to manufacture products.

The master’s in industrial design program is designed specifically to help students explore different aspects of design and use design as a platform to address environmental, cultural and social concerns. The program helps students understand that design is not just a professional service but also a way to connect people’s interest and values within the social framework.

Masters Degree Industrial Design Eligibility Criteria:
To enroll into a Master’s degree program in Industrial Design, you need to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design or any other equivalent degree. Some schools will require you to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Masters Degree Industrial Design Coursework:
The module for MS in industrial design degree program varies from university to university. However, most institutions follow some basic coursework that includes courses in Simulation Module, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Linear Programming and Understanding Human Factors in Designing.

Skills Acquired:
When you complete your master program in industrial design, you will have in-depth knowledge of the product designing process. You will have the knowledge and skills required to design products that are user friendly, look attractive and function well over a long period. The degree program trains you to manage the production costs and personnel, and look after the overall affairs of designing the product. The program in industrial design teaches you to understand the principles of product structure and adopt cost saving measures, and improve the performance and aesthetics of products.

Masters Degree Industrial Design Career Opportunities and Salary:
A MS degree in industrial design opens up several career avenues. You can pursue a career in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. As per Bureau of Labor statistics, graduates who have completed their program have tremendous earning potential as compared to other graduates. Industrial designers who choose their career in specialized design service earn $52,500 per year, while industrial designers working in engineering services earn an annual salary of about $60,440 and designers working in the management of companies earn as much as $64,700 every year.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities in the industrial design sector are slated to grow in the near future. Industrial designers with a graduate degree and working hand experience in CAD will have immense career prospects.

Masters Degree Industrial Design School:
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