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Masters Degree Information Security:
The information around the globe is increasing exponentially as the number of networks and databases increase. The security of this information has become very important and complicated. In any company or business, information is primarily stored on computer or computer networks.

A master degree program in information security will allow you to gain complete mastery over processes and technologies involved in this field. It will give you knowledge required to provide companies with the services they need to secure their information.

The degree will prepare you as a next generation information security manager to face new challenges. Two new trends that seem to be shaping the future of information security are:

1. Growth of e-commerce which has given a boost to organized crime
2. E-government along with the impact of cyber warfare

It is better to have a bachelor's degree in programs such as computer science, software engineering or information technology before pursuing a graduate degree in information security. Background knowledge of computers is essential to understand the basics of information security.

The course prepares managers of information security and technical leaders who organize technology security programs. The training provided by a master's program in information security will put you in demand for providing advice and consultation. The course work for this degree includes subjects such as:

1. Computer Science
2. Computer Programming
3. Computer Systems
4. Network Security
5. Secure Software Engineering
6. Cryptography
7. Operating Systems
8. Software Engineering
9. Computer Forensics
10. Security Audit Controls
11. Cyberspace Ethics and Law
12. Methods of Information Security
13. Secure Software Management
14. Operating Systems
15. Computer Networks
16. Fundamentals of Computer Systems

The information security master’s degree teaches you to work with information and computers. You learn the skills necessary to manage people and projects. The degree will equip you with skills such as computer programming, data management, information security, information systems development, computer networking and network security.

Career possibilities are great for graduates with information security MS degree. They can have a career as a:

1. Database Manager
2. Computer Programmer
3. Computer Technology Supervisor
4. Computer Security Consultants
5. Business Technology Manager
6. IT Manager
7. Corporate Technology Supervisor

You can even open your own information security-consulting firm. Many such companies offer their services online.

Masters Degree Information Security Salary:
A senior level information security manager earns an annual salary of about $80,250. A computer support specialist takes home a median annual salary of $40,430 and a software engineer can earn up to $89,980 per year.

Information security is one of the fastest growing fields in computer business. For people who hold a masters degree in info security, the future seems to be very bright as they will always be in demand. They can expect to get better promotions and higher salaries than those who do not have this degree.

Masters Degree Information Security School:
A school that offers a great Masters Degree program in information security is Kaplan University. They have the option for you to pursue your degree program online. For more free information about this course and many others offered by the university, check out this link.

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