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Masters Degree Interior Design:
Interior designing is a very creative field, especially designed for the arts student. Master’s degree programs in Interior Design primarily focus on research in the interior designing field.

Educational Prerequisites for pursuing a Master Degree in Interior Designing:
To pursue MS degree program in interior designing, you need to have completed your studies in interior designing or any other similar fields, such as architecture, art or design. Some schools and universities offering this program may also require you to submit a portfolio of your previous designs.

Curriculum for a Master’s Degree program in Interior Design:
The MA degree in interior design course will teach you how to put your basic concepts to practical application in commercial and residential settings. You’ll learn how to gain a better understanding of what exactly your clients expect from you. The coursework will teach you how to turn your clients’ visions into reality. You’ll also learn how interior design techniques can be used to make office spaces and homes more environmentally friendly.

Besides practical design courses, the program consists of courses that focus on theoretical and research concepts. These include:

1. History of Interior Design
2. Preservation of Historic Interiors: Theory and History
3. Introduction to Architectural Interiors
4. Interior Environmental Technologies
5. Theory of Interior Architecture
6. Interior Materials
7. Interior Design Communication Systems
8. Interior Design Construction Documents
9. Furniture Design
10. Planning and Design Management
11. Computer Applications in 3D (three dimensional) Designs
12. Professional Practice of Interior Design

Career prospects with a Master’s program in Interior Design:
Upon successful completion of your MA in Interior design, you can expect good career prospects. You can work for construction companies, furniture suppliers or other companies. You will be required to design the interior for all types of buildings, such as residences, office spaces, hotel rooms, nursing homes or even airport terminals. Many interior design master degree holders are self employed and thus, you can consider starting your own firm.

Masters Degree Interior Design Salary:
As per the reports of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job prospects for interior designers in the US is expected to increase by almost 20% by 2018. As per the study conducted by, the average annual salary for interior designers in the US was $44, 950.

If you have completed your Bachelor’s in Interior Design and wish to gain a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of this field, a master’s course in interior design will be your ideal option. Besides, it will also boost your career prospects significantly.

Masters Degree Interior Design Salary:
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