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Masters Degree Internet Security:
Masters degree in internet security is an online program that can be completed within period of 10 months. It is actually a master of information technology program that mainly focuses on internet security. The program is highly valued in today’s competitive industry. The curriculum of the program is kept flexible to keep it updated with fast changing technologies.

The coursework of the online MS in internet security integrates flash technology and interactive and rich multimedia. This ensures the coursework is coordinated with the current trend in the market thus ensuring candidates are in forefront of computer knowledge, professional development principles and collaborative learning skills.

Admission Requirements:
A candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with GPA (grade point average) of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. Some schools will also require you take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Masters Degree Internet Security Course:
The master’s degree program in internet security includes courses in information technology and internet security. The concentration and courses covered are:

1. Introduction to Information Security:
The course gives an overview of how different information security technologies apply to different operating systems, computer networks and database management systems.

2. Cryptography Concepts:
The course covers different protocols and cryptography used over networked systems.

3. Network Security:
Students are provided opportunities to research current issues in network security. The course teaches how to apply different security concepts to different situations. The course also focuses on technical topics that include privacy as well as policy issues.

4. Database Design and Implementation:
The course focuses on design and execution of a relational database management system, which include concepts of data manipulation and data extraction.

5. Enterprise Network:
Students are allowed to examine different networking concepts, which help them to transform business objectives into physical network design. Students get an opportunity to collect and analyze suitable information to make right network business decisions

6. Object-Oriented Application Development:
Students get an opportunity to analyze and apply the basics of object oriented application development.

7. Information Systems:
Students analyze management skills in relation to information technology industry. It also takes into account the relationship between databases, programming and networking.

8. Strategic Information Management:
The course analyzes the role of information systems within an organization strategic management system. Students also learn about information policy, intellectual property rights, information technology trends, opportunities, and usage of technology for competitive advantage.

Masters Degree Internet Security Career Opportunity:
Generally, every company that run on networks (such as email or intranet) need to have a designated internet security expert. The title for the post can differ with each organization. Different titles used in context of internet security are network security specialist, information security technician and so on.

In some companies, the masters’ in internet security professional can undertake the job of developing new products and services. The role of internet security expert can take many forms but the primary role of internet security master is to protect consumer’s data and intrusion on network.

Internet security professionals are in great demand in banking industry and large corporations. However, majority of companies that run on networks employ the Internet security specialist. You will also find these security experts employed in government departments such as Homeland Security, local and National law enforcement agencies.

Masters Degree Internet Security Salary:
People that work in the internet security profession make nice income. The average salary is $68,000 per year. Getting your MS degree in internet security will make you more money. You can expect a salary as high as $81,000 per year on the average.

Masters Degree Internet Security School:
Several schools offer masters degree program in internet security. The Embanet website will guide you properly to find the list of such schools and give all the essential information about them. The information you get is free and you have no obligation ever. Just click this link to get started.

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