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Masters Degree Marketing:
A masters degree in marketing is a post-graduate program that provides comprehensive information about the models, tactics and theories used to effectively market an organization and its products or services.

Marketing degree programs cover various business-related courses to provide students with the requisite knowledge and skills required to gain a foothold in the complex world of business. Through the master’s degree in marketing, you will be able to gain in-depth understanding of the processes involved in bringing the products to the customers. It will provide you with detailed information about the marketing processes- from product conception and development to the packaging, advertising, distribution, and pricing stages.

A master of marketing degree provides students with a comprehensive analysis of market trends, customer attitudes, best practices in marketing and profit-and-loss margins, and makes them aware of the ways to use this knowledge to create sophisticated products and promotional campaigns.

Common Marketing Classes:
The core syllabus of a graduate degree program in marketing is essentially focused on accounting, economics and quantitative methods. The common courses include:

1. Consumer Behavior – It involves analyzing the reasons and ways in which the consumers purchase products or services.

2. Accounting – It helps the students in understanding the regulatory practices.

3. Economics – It covers the micro and macro perspectives of an economy.

4. Market Research – It informs the students about the ways of conducting market research and reaching potential customers.

5. Investments – It informs the students about the different types of investments. This is very important for the proper management of company funds.

6. International Marketing- It makes the students aware of the ways of reaching customers of varied cultures. It also provides the students with insight into the international practices in financial markets.

7. Brand Management – It informs the students about the ways to create, sustain, and change a brand's image.

8. Planning and Forecasting Methods – It involves quantitative methods for deciding the time value of investments and introductory statistics.

Masters Degree Marketing Career Opportunities:
With a master’s program in marketing, you can become a market research analyst, marketing manager, PR manager, product manager, sales/territory manager or strategic planner. Based on your practical interests and the way in which you wish to pursue your professional life, you can opt for the most appropriate career option for yourself.

With a MS degree in marketing, you will have access to a variety of career options. Many marketing degree graduates take up jobs in advertising or marketing firms. Some pursue job opportunities in other fields such as public relations, sales management, communications, and customer service management, promotional strategy, marketing research, general marketing management, retail merchandising and new market development.

Masters Degree Marketing Salary:
The salary you earn in marketing depends largely on the aspect of the area you choose to specialize in. On average, you can earn approximately $85,190 per year.

Masters Degree Marketing School:
We know of a good school that offers a master’s degree program in marketing. The school is Capella University.

The school boasts qualified and experienced faculty and an advanced infrastructure to ensure best quality education to its students. To get more information about the school, you can visit their website through this link. The information is free.

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