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Masters Degree Nonprofit Management:
Non-profit organizations are a big part of the economic sector today even though they offer a non-traditional business path. They work for social causes such as women related issues and healthcare.

Professionals currently engaged in nonprofit management or those keen on entering this field must consider doing a master’s degree in non-profit management. The MS degree in non-profit management prepares students to manage business in nonprofit organizations.

A person with a desire to work in a non-profit organization must have basic skills in fund raising, community outreach, public relations and finance. Graduate degree holders in non-profit management are awarded either a Master’s in Business administration or Master’s in Social Science degree.

Masters Degree Nonprofit Management Eligibility:
Eligibility criterion for Master’s degree program in non-profit management is not very strict. But it is recommended that you have a bachelor’s degree in business or administration related subject.

MS Degree Nonprofit management Coursework:
The core subjects of the course include financial management, legal issues, marketing, economics, leadership, human resources, strategic planning, entrepreneurship, managerial economics, resource-development, business law, taxation for non-profit organizations, information technology and communication skills. In addition, students are also made familiar with the history of the non-profit sector.

The degree also offers you the choice of an area of specialization, such as, NGO management, social entrepreneurship, human resource development, strategic planning or fund raising.

MS Degree Nonprofit Management Skills:
When a student completes the master degree in nonprofit management, he/she acquires various skills like raising funds, communicating with fundraisers, managing funds and performing other administrative duties. Fund raising is an important aspect of this graduate degree program. Students are taught to campaign for donations and maintain relationship with large donors.

Masters Degree Non-Profit Management Career Options and Salary:
As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these are a few common jobs and the salaries earned respectively by graduates of masters’ in non-profit management are:

Director of International activities: $100,000
Chief Financial Officer: $92,000
Director of Administration: $67,000

Other positions and job profiles are:

1. Director of Operations and Planning: The job profile involves looking after the overall operations of the non-profit organization. It also involves making important decisions regarding financial planning and resource allocation.

2. Director of Development: The job of the Director of Development is to ensure that the development plans are executed properly. The employees in this position have to travel extensively and attend fund-raising events.

3. Grant Management Specialist: The job involves writing, reviewing and granting of grants. The grant management specialist must have an understanding of the working of grants policies and their regulations.

4. Sponsorship Coordinator: The job involves looking after sponsorships right from working on the contracts to following up after the sponsorship has been claimed.

You could also work in the capacity of a Public Relations Manager, Financial Manager and Administrative Manager. Graduates of this field are well equipped with skills to work in other sectors as well.

Masters Degree Non-Profit Management School:
If you are looking to start your own non-profit organization or intend to work in one, you should contemplate doing MS degree in non-profit organization. Get free information about this degree by clicking this link.

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