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Masters Degree Nurse Education:
The Master of Science in Nursing Education prepares advanced professional nurses for role in nursing education. The nursing education focuses on the ever-expanding needs of the nursing profession.

After completing the master’s degree in nursing education, the Nurse Educator can work in different healthcare settings. The Nurse Educator can either practice in chronic care or intensive care settings as a staff Educator or play a role in planning, implementing and evaluating education programs for nursing schools or facilities.

The advanced professional nurse educator can also take up faculty position in a traditional college of nursing or in a non-traditional education program that uses online technology as a medium. The professional practice educator also assesses the educational needs, plans accordingly to meet those needs and evaluates outcomes of the programs. The MS in nursing education degree prepares advanced professional nurses to take leadership roles as educators in baccalaureate and associate degree programs, community education programs, staff development and continuing education departments.

Masters Degree Nursing Education Eligibility Criteria:
An applicant needs to be registered nurse having Bachelors degree in nursing, health sciences or related fields. Applicant should also have excellent communication skills along with a solid clinical background. They should also be flexible and have excellent critical thinking skills.

Masters Degree Nursing Education Curriculum:
The Master of Science in Nursing- Nurse Educator degree program involves learning different concepts of health care. The degree program prepares the applicant to play an important role in strengthening the workforce.

Some of the concepts that Masters Degree program covers are:

1. Incorporate advanced knowledge and experience in a broadly based clinical practice area and apply it in an Educator role.

2. Give recommendation in the development, implementation, evaluation and revision of nursing curriculum and nursing programs.

3. Apply theories of related sciences as basis of education.

4. Develop variety of teaching strategies and educational resources that help in learning in classroom and clinical areas, which enhance staff and student development.

5. Analyze issues and trends in nursing education at higher level and study its impact on development of nursing education.

Some of the topics that are included in Masters in Nursing Education Curriculum are:

a. Introduction to Context-Relevant Curriculum Development in Nursing Education

b. Faculty Support for Curriculum Development

c. Leading & Organizing Curriculum Development

d. Faculty Development and Change for Curriculum Development

e. Data-Gathering for a Context-Relevant Curriculum

f. From Contextual Data to Curriculum Nucleus

g. Developing Philosophical Approaches and Formulating Curriculum Outcomes

h. Planning Curriculum Implementation and Evaluation

i. Health Care Delivery, Policy, & Finance

j. Transcultural and Social Perspectives

Nurse Educator Career Opportunities:
A nurse educator can practice in different health care settings after completing master’s in nurse education degree program. The nurse educator can work in:

1. Senior colleges and universities
2. Hospital-based schools of nursing
3. Hospitals
4. Technical colleges
5. Online using distance-learning technology
6. Long-term care facilities

Nurse Educator Salary:
Nurse educators working in academic setting are on nine-month appointment. They are paid as per their rank and education and can earn anything in range of $25,000 and $100,000 plus. The nurse educator salaries increase steadily and employer recruitment is becoming more competitive due to shortage of qualified Nurse Educators.

Masters Degree Nurse Education School:
Not many schools offer the nurse education MS program. But we were able to find one. The school is Kaplan University. You should request for their free no obligation information by following this link.

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