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Masters Degree Occupational Therapy:
The master’s in occupational therapy program consists of two paths, a professional (entry-level) masters’ program and a post-professional master’s program. Occupational therapy concentrates more on well-being and promoting health, thereby, allowing adequate participation in related environments and life roles especially in society.

If you like to help people, then you can get to do this work with the help of graduate degree in occupational therapy. With the help of this degree, you will get an opportunity to work with families, individuals or even entire communities who need assistance or help in dealing with limitations or problems in their daily lives.

Masters Degree Occupational Therapy Eligibility:

1. A bachelor’s degree in any field, from an accredited university or college or through any eligible international institution.

2. An undergraduate with an overall G.P.A. of 3.0 or even higher. Major courses of study are human anatomy, introduction to occupational therapy, human development, medical terminology, art, human physiology abnormal and general psychology and even art.

What will you do once you obtain a master’s degree in occupational therapy?

As a master in occupational therapy degree holder, you will work one-on-one with people, in which, you will help them find ways to become independent in all walks of their life. You will deal with patients and help them develop skills necessary for a satisfying and independent life.

Career Opportunities for Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy Holders:
People with MS degree in occupational therapy can work in health care services, government and non-government hospitals. Other opportunities include; community based settings, private practice, schools, rehabilitation services, NGOs, workplaces/industry. Apart from these, you can also work with city councils, people with disabilities, respite service providers and aged care facilities and so on.

Masters Degree Occupational Therapy Salary:
With such huge areas of employment and a wide variety of workplaces, the salary levels for occupational therapy vary. You can draw a starting salary of approximately $55,000 per year once you complete master’s program in occupational therapy. This salary package is subjected to incremental progression. Furthermore, an occupational therapist salary also depends on the clients or patients they work for and can go as high as $67,000 per year or higher.

Masters Degree Occupational Therapy School:
If you are a bachelor’s degree holder in any field and wish to pursue a career in OT therapy, then you should definitely go for the masters degree in occupational therapy. To find schools in which you can complete this degree, go to the master degree website.

This website will give you all the necessary information related to schools that provide master’s in occupational therapy program. By visiting this web site, you can find out the best occupational therapy schools around your area or online. Request for information while you’re there. The information is free.

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