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Masters Degree Operations Management:
Operations management is that realm of business that is concerned with the production and management of services and goods. In a nutshell, operations management is the practice that involves overseeing the process of the conversion of inputs (in the form of labor, energy and materials) into outputs (in the form of services and goods).

If you have successfully completed your Bachelor’s in Operations Management and want to boost your career prospects, pursuing a master’s degree in operations management will be an ideal option for you.

Masters Degree Operations Management:
A master’s in operations management program will instill in you knowledge and skills essential to understand the fundamental principles of effectively managing the operations of a manufacturing firm or organization including materials planning, labor management and cost control.

You will learn the strategies for managing and directing the actual or technical functions of a business operation. You will gain a working knowledge of workforce supervision, equipment maintenance management, systems analysis, materials planning, and productivity analysis.

In addition to educating you about the important concepts of operations, the operations management master degree program will educate you about the specialty areas including human resource management, industrial management or business management through elective courses. The core curriculum of this degree program addresses:

1. Ethics in leadership
2. Quality Management
3. Human Behavior
4. Cost Analysis
5. Ethical Decision-Making
6. Economics for Decision-Making
7. Project Planning
8. Information Technology in Business Management
9. Applied Economics for Decision Making
10. Applied Accounting for Decision Making
11. Service Operations Management

Masters Degree Program Operations Management Career:
After completing your MS in Operations Management, you can expect a satisfying career ahead. As an operations management degree holder, you can pursue a career as operations analyst, director of operations, logistics manager or management analyst. On successfully completing this program, you can effectively supervise both capital as well as human resources and can pursue management-level positions in areas like:

1. Logistics and Transportation
2. Supply Chain Management
3. Production Lines
4. Purchasing and Quality Control
5. Operations Analysis
6. Manufacturing

As per the findings of Bureau of Labor Statistic, the job demand for operations manager will increase two percent over the next 10 years. Operations management is an important area and so, there won’t be any dearth in demand. There’s a strong competition for management positions in various organizations and this competition is only expected to increase further. In such a scenario, obtaining a graduate degree in operations management will provide you an edge over your competitors.

Pursuing a master program in operations management will also fully prepare you for holding executive-level positions in many areas. If you wish to pursue a career in academics, including research and teaching, you can pursue a Ph.D in Operations Management after completing masters’ degree program.

Masters Degree Program Operations Management Salary:
As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the medial annual income of operations manager is $85,230, of management analyst is $68,050, and that of operations analyst is $64,650.

Masters Degree Program Operations Management School:
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