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Masters Degree Operations Research:
Operations research is a branch of math and science that involves using modeling, complex algorithms and statistics to find solutions for several complicated industrial problems. Operations research is used to solve industrial problems such as scheduling maintenance programs, maintaining and coordinating inventory and ensuring efficient operation of industries.

You can seek entry to the operations research industry by pursing a Bachelor’s Degree in Operations Research. To gain expertise in the industry and expand your knowledge base in the industry, a Master’s in Operations Research Degree can greatly help you.

A master’s program in operations research is designed specifically to prepare students to enter the research and training field. The program mainly emphasizes mathematical models, computational issues and conceptual foundations in practical problem solving.

MS Operations Research Eligibility Criteria:
To seek admission into masters program in operations research, the minimum qualification required is a Bachelor’s Degree in Operations Research. Besides a Bachelor’s Degree, you need to possess strong computer and quantitative skills. You also need to have good analytical skills since throughout the course you will spend most of your time analyzing and interpreting data.

Other qualifications include the ability to work in a team, and good writing and communication skills. If you have good knowledge in operating advanced research software and statistical packages, it would be an added advantage.

Coursework for a Master’s in Operations Research Degree Program:
The curriculum for a graduate degree in operations research program covers a wide range of subjects. The module covers marketing, management, finance, and high-level computer science and math courses.

Masters Degree Operations Research Employment Opportunities and Earning Potential:
After you complete your degree program, you will have job opportunities galore. You can seek a job as an operations research analyst in financial institutions, management firms, telecommunication companies, scientific organizations, insurance firms, computer systems design firms and technical consulting service firms. There are many job opportunities for operations research analysts in several state and federal government agencies, including the defense industry. Graduates with master’s degrees in operations research can also work as private consultants, government planners and as technical staff members.

Experts predict that graduates with a masters’ degree in operations research have a bright future prospect as the job opportunities in the field are expected to grow by 22% over the next few years.

Graduates who have completed their masters in operations research degree program and begun working as an operations research analyst get an average annual salary of $69,000. As per May 2008 findings, the annual salary for research analysts working with elite companies was as much as $118,130. The median salary for an operations research analyst working in technical consulting services, management and scientific firms as per a May 2008 finding drew an annual salary about $80,290. According to a March 2009 report, the average annual salary for operations research analysts working with a federal government agency was $107,198.

Thus, there is a tremendous potential for earning substantial money with a Master’s Degree in Operations Research, and operations research promises to be a great career option.

Masters Degree Operations Research School:
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