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What is Masters Degree Organizational Development?
A masters degree program in organizational development is an ideal option for you if you intend to pursue a career as a manager within government agencies, non-profit organizations or commercial businesses. Organizational development essentially refers to the management of human resources.

To be a successful organizational development professional, you need to have good communication skills and problem-solving abilities. You should also be well versed in modern technology and essential business principles.

As an organizational development graduate degree holder, you can help expanding international organizations in:

1. setting up offices in foreign locations
2. expanding their accounting services to accommodate foreign business and
3. restructuring their internal workings to accommodate the desired changes

Course-work of Organizational Development Masters Degree Program:
A master degree program in organizational development will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the culture, structure and behavior of different business organizations. It will also inform you about the different management styles and the ways in which they impact the overall performance of an organization.

The course-work for organizational development degree program combines the conceptual and theoretical aspects of business management with the practical skills required to pursue a career in this area.

As a student in an organizational development master’s program, you can expect classes that impart different types of communication and management skills. The course-work usually includes courses in:

1. Business Administration
2. Human Resource Management
3. Organizational Leadership
4. Data Analysis
5. Cross-cultural Training
6. Policy Formation
7. Collective Bargaining
8. Conflict Resolution
9. Sales and Marketing
10. Corporate Effectiveness
11. Research and Data Collection
12. Finance and Accounting
13. Group and Individual decision-making and
14. Legal and ethical issues pertaining to employees and labor relations

You can choose to specialize in specific areas including supply chain and distribution, information technology and computer based business.

The organizational development MS degree program will help you acquire important skills such as:

1. Decision-making skills
2. Scheduling and Leadership skills
3. Effective communication skills
4. Budgeting skills
5. Analytical and Managerial skills

Job Prospects for an Organizational Development Masters Degree holder:
Almost every type of organization requires professionals who can efficiently manage a team and ensure smooth functioning of the organization. As per the predictions of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for administrative service management professionals will grow at a fast rate.

After successfully completing your organizational development MA degree program, you can assume leadership positions in various organizations. Some career options you can opt for are that of a:

1. Human Resources Manager
2. Research and Development Specialist
3. Labor Relations Specialist
4. Manager in the private and non-profit sector
5. Post-secondary School Professor
6. Management Analyst and
7. Management Consultant

By utilizing your skills and knowledge gained from the master’s of organizational development program, you can also consider starting your own business.

Masters Degree Organizational Development Salary:
As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as a marketing manager you can earn an annual salary of approximately $78,000 whereas if you become a human resource manager, your annual salary will be $77,000.

Masters Degree Organizational Development School:
Many schools offer graduate degree program in organizational development. One such school is Capella University. It is a very reputable educational institution with an experienced faculty and top-class infrastructure. This school offers both campus and online options for students to pursue their education. You can request for their free and no obligation information through this link.

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