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Masters Degree Physician Assistant:
A physician assistant is required to practice medicine under the supervision of licensed physician. Majority of PAs have at least four years of experience in the health field before they become physician assistants.

Masters Degree Physician Assistant Eligibility Requirements:
A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution is required for admission in master’s of physician assistant program. However, undergraduate students can directly enroll for a six year dual degree programs. A Bachelor of Science degree is awarded after completing four years of study and a Master of Science in Physician Assistant degree is awarded after completing the sixth year of study.

Masters Degree Physician Assistant Job Responsibilities:
The typical responsibility for PA is as follows:

1. Examining and Treating Patients
2. Taking Medical Histories
3. Ordering and Analyzing Lab Tests and X-rays
4. Treating Minor Injuries
5. Prescribing Medication

A PA also has to take on managerial duties and perform tasks like ordering medical supplies and supervising various medical staff.

There are different courses included in masters’ degree program in physician assistant. The different courses students can opt for are:

1. Health Care Delivery Systems:
The course imparts knowledge about U.S. healthcare delivery system and reviews the financial issues faced by the system. The course primarily focuses on issues directly affecting the working class physician assistant with an in-depth review of reimbursement, different economical/financial issues and managed care.

2. Ethical Issues in PA Practice:
The course reviews, analyzes and involves study of theories and themes of medical/bioethics. The course content gives more emphasis on ethical practice, and focuses on role of practicing physician assistant in its integration in daily practice.

3. Professional Practice Issues:
The course reviews, analyzes and focuses on the issues faced by practicing Physician Assistant. The course informs student about the future of PA profession, which includes non-clinical roles, legal issues, reimbursement and economic trends.

4. Clinical Research Design and Evidence-Based Medicine:
The course discusses concepts of medical research design and evidence based medicine. It focuses on examination of best available evidence as base for clinical decision-making. The course teaches ledge which help student construct well built clinical questionnaire based on patient medical problem.

It also includes task of finding evidence based results based on medical literature searches. The course focuses on methods for critically evaluating medical literature, and teaches how to incorporate new medical findings to clinical practice

5. Clinical Medicine:
This course is designed to increase and update the existing knowledge and skills of the PA. After completing this advanced clinical course, students gain the ability to apply advanced principles of diagnosis and management of disease consistent with PAs scope of practice.

Career Opportunities for Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant:
Physician Assistant can work in any area of medicine, which includes primary care medicine, surgery and surgical subspecialties. A PA can work at any of the following given places:

1. Private Clinics
2. Public Health Clinics
3. Hospitals
4. Schools
5. Prisons
6. Temporary Help Agencies
7. Home Health Care Agencies
8. US Department of Veteran Affairs

The job opportunity for physician assistants has expanded in recent times. There is demand for PAs having advanced knowledge in different areas of medical services such as clinical medicine, administration, education, research and management, which increases the value of master degree in physician assistant.

Masters Degree Physician Assistant Salary:
PAs make excellent salary. The typical physician assistant makes $77,000 per year. The ones with master degree make $91,000 per year. And get this, orthopedic physician assistants make up to $109,000 per year. This kind of money is nothing to sneeze at.

Masters Degree Physician Assistant School:
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