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Masters Degree Political Science:
Politics is one of the crucial elements of any Nation. It is essential for everybody to understand the politics of their nation. If you want to gain in-depth knowledge of national and international politics, then this is the ideal course of study for you. The master’s degree in political science is a program that is designed specifically to prepare persons for careers in array of public and private settings.

Masters Degree Political Science Eligibility:
To enroll yourself in a master degree program in political science, you must first possess a Bachelors degree in political science or in related field such as Sociology or History. In addition, the applicants to masters’ degree program must score well on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and submit writing samples to get admission.

Masters Degree Political Science Program Coursework:
The MS degree in political science covers a wide range of topics related to the subject. Some of the topics covered in the course include:

1. Foreign Policy of America
2. Political Scenario of East Asian Countries
3. International Economics
4. Public Policies
5. Different Feminist Political Theories
6. Environmental Politics
7. European Politics

If you want to pursue further studies after you complete your master’s program in political science, you can consider getting a Ph. D in Political Science. A doctorate degree in political science will make you a master in the subject, and you would be eligible to get a Professors job at colleges and universities.

Masters Degree Political Science Employment Opportunity:
Graduates who complete political science master degree program have very strong employment outlook. You can seek employment with different government agencies that deal with International, National, State and Local level politics. There is also opportunity for you to work with different private or government organizations that are involved in election campaigns.

Studies conducted by U.S Bureau of Labor Statistic have revealed that the job opportunities for political scientists are poised to grow by 21% in the near future. Such significant growth in job opportunities for graduates in political science is mainly attributed to the people's growing interest in the public and foreign policies. Another very attractive career option is a career in political journalism.

Masters Degree Political Science Salary:
As per 2008 Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, political scientists enjoyed an annual income of about $104,130. Some of the elite political scientists enjoyed early earning of about $146,880. Political Scientists working for federal government agencies on an average can earn an annual income of about $107,600.

Those that work with any research and development agency can earn an annual income of $85,200. If you work with some social advocacy groups or in academia you can be rest assured to earn yearly income of $61,030 and $57,920 respectively.

Masters Degree Political Science School:
There are a good number of schools that offer political science master degree. You can find some of those schools at the embanet website. Some of the schools are in you’re area or online. You need to visit to check them out. Request for their free and no obligation information while you are there. Click this link to begin.

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