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Masters Degree Psychology:
Humans, their minds, and how they behave. This is what psychologists study. It is as simple as that. You may find more esoteric definitions on other websites. But when you boil them down, they mean what we just said.

The master’s degree in psychology is a graduate level course of study. It is almost mandatory that you attain this level of education to be able to practice as a psychologist. Stopping at the bachelor’s degree will not give you the expertise you need to mess with the human mind.

To have a career as a psychologist, you must be fascinated by people and what makes them tick. This fascination will lead you to enjoy analyzing human behavior. If you are easily put off by most human behavior, this is not the line of study for you.

Along with the fascination of people and what makes them tick is the need to help. Through your analysis, you will be able to make recommendations that will help people improve their lives. This could be by way of living healthier. It could also be by way of living a happier life.

A psychology masters degree is the level one begins to specialize in certain area of psychology. One can choose to become a clinical psychologist or a school psychologist to name a few.

The master’s degree program in psychology should take you 2 to 3 years to complete if you already have a bachelors degree. You should expect to take such classes as:

1. Lifespan Development
2. Research Methods in Psychology
3. Social Psychology
4. Personality Theories
5. Theories of Counseling
6. Psychotherapy
7. Cognitive Behavior Therapy
8. Advanced Child Psychology
9. Psychological Assessment
10. Organizational Psychology
11. Etc.

When you graduate, you can go on to practice in your area of study in hospital settings or private organizations. You can also go on to pursue further education or specialization. An example is to get a doctorate degree in psychology.

There is no need to worry about gaining employment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the need for more psychologists by the year 2016. They are projecting an increase of 15%.

It must be pointed out that all states, including the District of Columbia require psychologist to be licensed and registered before they can practice. The licensing and registration is handled differently from state to state.

The most common requirement are taking and passing state exam. This examination could be written or oral or both.

Master Degree Psychology Salary:
A masters degree pays more than a bachelors degree. People with master’s degree in education make an average salary of $51,000 per year. If you happen to specialize in counseling psychology, the average salary is $71,000 per year.

Masters Degree Psychology School:
We know of a school that offer masters degree program in psychology. The school is University of Phoenix. It's the innovation leader in online education.

We encourage you to at least get their free no obligation information and check it out. You can do so by clicking this link. You have nothing to lose.

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