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What is Masters Degree Public Relations?
The current corporate thinktanks have realized the importance of effective communication with the public. They have realized that to stay on top under the competitive environment it is essential that they have a good communication channel setup.

The success or failure of a product, service or even a person is highly dependent on how well they are communicated or, in other words, how well they relate to the common public. Consequently, all the corporations are now hiring people who can effectively communicate the message of the organization to the public. People who carry out this function efficiently are known as public relation officers.

Requirement for Public Relations Masters Degree:
The basic requirement to pursue a masters degree in public relation is to have an accredited bachelor level degree. The entire course is based on effective communication techniques so it requires you have good oral and written communication skills. It also requires you have good computer knowledge.

Some colleges, however, also require some working experience in the field or in the relevant field to seek admission in the college. The requirements vary from college to college, some having very stringent rules, whereas some have an easy and lenient rules for admission.

Masters Degree Public Relations Majors:
The different public relations masters degree majors include:

1. Master Degree in Public Relations
2. Master of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations
3. Master of Arts in Journalism and Public Relations
4. Master of Professional Studies in Strategic Public Relations
5. Master of Science in Management – Public Relations

Most students who enroll in the above-mentioned types of public relation master degree programs more often then not come with the media industry. These students are interested in making a career in media, public policy making, in corporate or in politics. These masters’ degree programs in public relation help students further enhance their career interests.

Masters Degree Public Relations Career Options:
If you have completed your graduate degree in public relations, you have an array of career opportunities that you can exploit. You can opt to become a media professional, a marketing manager, or you can become a journalist

With MA degree in public relation from a good school you can work as a full time Public Relation Officer in academic institutions, government agencies, business enterprises, or corporate conglomerates. You can also work as a personal public relation officer for celebrities. Working as a personal public relation agent for a prominent celebrity or business person can fetch you a handsome remuneration package.

Masters Degree Public Relations Salary:
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual income of public relation officers who work with academic institutions is $40,000. Those that work for government agencies make as much as $45,000 per year while PR officers working in advertising agencies make $50,000 per year.

Masters Degree Public Relations School:
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