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What is Masters Degree Real Estate?
A master’s degree in real estate is a program that will equip you with skills required to buy, sell and manage real estate property. The program also focuses on teaching about brokerage, leasing and institutional investments.

Job Opportunities Masters Degree Real Estate:
Once you complete your real estate master degree, there are a lot of job opportunities that you can choose from. A graduate degree in real estate will allow you to get jobs such as property manager, realtor, senior real estate analyst, entrepreneur, or real estate consultant.

Courses in Real Estate Masters Degree:
The real estate program has a comprehensive curriculum related to the real estate industry. Most of the real estate programs start with basic introductory concepts like transactions and finance. Once the fundamental concepts have been covered, you will be exposed to some concepts, which will give you detailed knowledge. It covers finance, mortgages, mezzanine loans, bond financing, leasing, acquisitions, mortgage foreclosures, and community association laws.

If you are a person already in the real estate industry and want to widen your knowledge in the industry, you can take up a master degree program in real estate. This program will provide you with in-depth knowledge about the industry and will teach some tricks of the trade to help you thrive. It will give you an edge over others to survive in the competitive market. The masters degree program in real estate includes courses such as:

1. Agency Management
2. Brokerage
3. Commercial Real Estate
4. Land Use Development Policy
5. Leased and Rental Properties
6. Property Management – Inspection and Appraisal
7. Real Estate Law and Investing
8. Real Estate Marketing Procedures

Masters Degree in Real Estate Requirements:
If you are considering a master’s degree in real estate, you must first have a Bachelors Degree in the field and you must also have working experience in the field. Some colleges, however, do not require prior working experience. Quite often people wonder why they should quit a job to pursue a graduate degree. For such people, there quite a number of universities that offer online masters degree in real estate. These online universities are very flexible and allow you to continue working while you get your degree.

Masters Degree Real Estate Salary:
The return on investment in a masters degree is more than a bachelor’s degree. People with a MA degree in real estate are paid more than their bachelor’s degree counterparts. Once you complete a real estate master’s degree, you can earn as much as $89,000 per year compared to $72,000 per year for BS degree holders.

Real Estate Masters Degree School:
If you looking to get real estate MS degree, then visit the NEOC website to find the school in your area or online. You need to check them out to see what we mean. You can request for free no obligation information through this link.

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