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Masters Degree Rehabilitation Counseling:

After successful completion of MS degree program in rehabilitation counseling, students are eligible to receive certification as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC). The mission of the graduate degree program in rehabilitation counseling is to fulfill the increasing demand for professionally trained rehabilitation counselors in the different public and private rehabilitation counseling related areas.

Rehabilitation Counselor Job profile:
Rehabilitation counselors help people cope with personal, vocational and social difficulties that result from illness, accidents, disease, birth defects in their daily life. They help their patients to emancipate from stress and help them lead normal lives. Rehabilitation counselors coordinate activities for patients admitted in care and treatment facilities, design, and organize rehabilitation programs for their clients that include vocational and personal counseling, training and job placement.

Masters Degree Rehabilitation Counseling Admission Requirements:
Applicants are required to possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and have a minimum of three years experience in rehabilitation counseling or a related field.

Masters Degree Rehabilitation Counseling Course of Study:
The course curriculum of MS in Rehabilitation Counseling is a perfect combination of strong academic components and equally strong real world experience. During the master’s program, students will be able to master comprehensive knowledge, skills and different competencies required by the profession.

The curriculum prepares students to handle variety of tasks such as:

1. Assessment and vocational evaluation
2. Interviewing and counseling
3. Case management and coordination of services
4. Psycho-social and vocational adjustment
5. Appraisal and interpretation of medical, psychiatric, educational, vocational, sociological and psychological data
6. Supervision and management of rehabilitation personnel

The curriculum of study of Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling includes different topics such as:

1. Foundations in Rehabilitation Counseling
2. Medical and Psychological Aspects of Disability
3. Theory and Practice of Rehabilitation Counseling
4. Assessment and Evaluation
5. Research Methods and Statistics
6. Medical and Psychological Aspects of Disability II
7. Legal Concerns and Ethics in Counseling
8. Human Growth and Development
9. Career Development and World of Work
10. Counseling Methods and Techniques
11. Individual Testing Techniques (LPC)
12. Occupational Information and Vocational Analysis
13. Comprehensive Evaluation
14. Abnormal Behavior/Diagnostics (LPC)
15. Theories and Practice of Vocational Evaluation (VEWA)
16. Practicum
17. Medical Aspects
18. Psychosocial
19. Human Growth
20. Group Counseling
21. Project
22. Thesis
23. Internship

The Rehabilitation program lets student provide informal feedback pertaining to supervision, curriculum, grades and agency assignments. The practical experience offered through Internship is generally under the guidance of the professional rehabilitation counselor who introduces the student to all kind of tasks and responsibilities involved in the profession.

Rehabilitation Counselor Career Opportunities:
There is huge demand for professionals who have completed master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling. It is said that if all the graduates of Rehabilitation Counseling are employed in the State agency, there will be still 30 to 35 percent shortage of professionals in this field.

Graduates who have completed Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling program can work as:

1. Technology Developer
2. Program Developer
3. Universal Faculty
4. Researcher
5. Medical Specialist
6. Forensic Specialist
7. Regional Manager
8. Rehab Agency Owner
9. Licensed Counselor
10. Advocate
11. Community Resource Developer
12. Certified Rehab Counselor

Rehabilitation Counselor Salary:
Rehab counselors make good pay. The national average salary is $53,000 per year. We know of some that make as much as $66,000 per year. The pay will continue to go up as you gain more experience and years of service.

Masters Degree Rehabilitation Counseling School:
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