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Masters Degree Social Work:
If you have a Bachelor’s degree in Social work and wish to improve your career prospect to work towards improving the livelihood of numerous individuals and different communities, master’s degree program in social work can be your ideal option.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics,, states that the education level of social workers plays a major role in determining the quality of work or amount of responsibility they are assigned. No wonder a graduate degree in Social Work helps you get better quality of work.

What will you learn from a Masters Degree Program in Social Work?
A master program in social work will essentially prepare you for pursuing leadership roles. It will prepare you to do clinical work, casework with individuals, families, groups and communities. Typical settings of MA program in social work include sheltered workshops, vocational rehabilitation centers, clinics, hospitals, government agencies, hospitals, residential placements and social service agencies.

Typical course-work for this program usually includes study on topics such as general psychology, policy analysis, human behavior, research methods and social justice. In addition to imparting technical knowledge in the social work field, this degree will also teach you how to deal with different types of people and handle difficult situations.

Social work degree program will instill in you the important skills required to help other people overcome their challenges. It will educate you on how to cope with the potential stress associated with your work area while solving different problems in your chosen field.

It will also it will help you understand the root cause of social problems and how to solve them. This degree will provide you with comprehensive information about the elements of social problems and what impact they have on human society.

Career Prospects After Pursuing a Masters Degree in Social Work:
As a social worker with master’s degree, you can work in fascinating workplaces, such as public agencies, hospitals, schools, private businesses and police departments. Based on the specialization you choose, you can hold important positions and can become a manager, political leader, analyst or researcher. You may also be responsible for coordinating program activities, managing a group home or organizing supportive counseling.

Following are some popular occupational fields you can choose to work in after completing your MA degree:

• Mental Health and Substance Abuse
• Child, Family, and School
• Medical and Public Health

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the total number of human and social assistants can grow by almost 34% between 2006 to 2016. This is relatively much more in comparison to the average for all other occupations. Besides, the demand for social workers is expected to increase further to work with issues, such as substance abuse, teen pregnancy and homelessness.

Masters Degree Social Work Salary:
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the median annual salary of the social work professionals was around $45,800. If you choose to work as a family, child or school social worker, you can earn an average annual salary ranging from $23,000 to $57,900, whereas if you work as a mental health and substance-abuse social worker, you can earn between $21,600 and $43,000 annually.

Masters Degree Social Work School:
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