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Masters Degree Speech Pathology:
If you have completed your bachelor degree in Speech Pathology and wish to enhance your career prospects, you can pursue master’s degree in speech pathology. Upon successful completion of your master’s degree, you can pursue a Ph.D. program in speech pathology. As a Speech Pathologist, you’ll need to diagnose, evaluate, treat and help correct/prevent language, speech and other related disorders.

Coursework of the Masters Degree Program in Speech Pathology:
When pursuing speech pathology master degree program, you will need to take various courses dealing with language and other disorders concerning speech and hearing. This MS degree program will definitely provide you with the necessary clinical experience. It will also allow you to participate in research activities and increase your knowledge on the subject.

This degree program will instill in you, a broad range of skills required to both, correctly identify language and speech disorders and suggest the most suitable course of treatment to the patients. The coursework will also educate you about how to effectively interact with patients suffering from speech disorders.

The core curriculum for Speech Pathology Masters Program usually includes:

1. Language & Speech Neurology
2. Speech Science
3. Voice Disorders
4. Perception & Acoustics of Speech Disorders
5. Stuttering: Theory and Therapy
6. Disorders in Motor Speech
7. Language Disorders in Children
8. Language Acquisition in Children
9. Clinical Phonetics & Articulation Disorders
10. Clinical Procedures & Principles
11. Communication Disorders Management in Schools
12. Physiology and Anatomy for Language, Speech and Hearing
13. Articulation Disorders
14. Autism

Skills Obtained after pursuing Speech Pathology Master’s Program:
As a speech pathology master’s degree holder, it will be essential for you to communicate effectively with each of your patients. Considering this, the coursework will instill in you the following skills:

a. Interpersonal Skills
b. Technical Skills
c. Analytical Thinking Skills

Speech Pathology Career Prospect:
Speech pathology is a very interesting and highly rewarding career. As a Speech Pathologist, you can work in hospitals as well as practice privately. Your job will involve helping the patients take the difficult and painful steps towards fluency. The job prospects for speech pathologists are encouraging.

As per the U.S. Department of Labor,, the growth rate of the speech pathology sector is expected to grow at a similar rate as other occupations. The most rapid area of growth is expected to be in the area of education, as many schools will look to improve their educational services and in doing so, will employ speech pathologists. The employment prospects for speech pathologists that are well-versed with a second language, such as Spanish, are expected to be brighter.

Speech Pathologist Salary:
The salaries for Speech Pathology master’s degree holders can vary depending on the sector they choose to work in. For instance, when working in a general medical or surgical hospital, you can earn around $55,900 annually whereas if you choose to work in education department at a secondary or an elementary school, you may earn around $48,320 per year.

Masters Degree Speech Pathology School:
There are very few schools that offer the speech pathology MS degree program. We know one we think you will like. The school is University of Cincinnati. You need to request for their free information by clicking this link.

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