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Masters Degree Textile Engineering:
The masters degree in textile engineering program deals with the principles of science and engineering to the control and design of all aspects of the textile and apparel processes, fiber and various other machinery and products. Most programs are recognized by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

Eligibility to pursue a Master’s program in Textile Engineering:
A person willing to pursue a Master’s in Textile Engineering should have a Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized institution. Non native English speakers should also have a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of 90 (internet-based), 233 (computer-based) and 577 (paper-based). They can also take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) instead of TOEFL to be eligible for the program.

Curriculum of a Master’s Degree in Textile Engineering Program:
Students pursuing this MS degree program take classes from other disciplines of engineering such as chemical, mechanical, materials and industrial. The following are some of the requisite concentrations:

1. Textile Product Engineering
2. Chemical Processing
3. Information Systems Design

The curriculum included in the master’s degree program in textile engineering allows a person to:

1. Carry out research programs in the textile field, outline equipment and design processes

2. Conceive as well as propose the usage of new textile materials having various innovative functions

3. Produce physical as well as mathematical models that will help analyze the various processes and apparatus that go in the production process of goods and commodities related to the typical textile chain

4. Develop highly sophisticated technologies which will help to prepare new products that have good environmental compatibility and well-defined safety characteristics

5. Create awareness about the textile industry worldwide

6. Develop a comprehensive educational experience, which will allow them to pursue careers in or outside the textile industry

Employment opportunities for Master’s Program in Textile Engineering:
The employment opportunities for people holding a graduate degree in textile engineering are plenty both in and out of the arena of the textile industry. After completion of the program, a person can work as a Process Engineer, Operations Trainee, Process Improvement Engineer, and Technical Sales/Service Manager, Quality Control Supervisor, as well as a Medical Textiles Engineer. These employment opportunities are not limited and change as per the changing work environment.

Earning Potentials for people having a Masters Degree in Textile Engineering:
A person, after completing a master program in textile engineering can earn as much as $72,260, as per the US Bureau of Labor statistics. This salary is just an average figure indicated by the BLS in the year 2008. The average salary increases with experience.

Owing to its practical approach and diversified coverage of the textile industry, an MS degree in Textile Engineering will definitely give you an edge over the Bachelor’s and will take you towards a path of a satisfying and successful career.

Masters Degree Textile Engineering School:
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