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Masters Degree Theology:
If you have a religious bent of mind and wish to become a clergy, masters degree in Theology will be your ideal option.

A clergy is the spiritual and religious leader, and an interpreter of your faith. A clergy's job can vary based on different religions and their denominations. There are 70 denominations of Christianity and the clergy is given a different role in each of these denominations.

To become a clergy after getting a master of Theology degree, your responsibility will be to organize religious services and perform duties at weddings, funerals and confirmations. You will have to administer sacraments, deliver sermons and read from Bible, Torah or Koran.

You can pursue a Master of Arts in Theology degree, from any reputed university. Its course-work includes Ministry classes and the study of Theology and Bible. It involves intensive Scripture study.

After completing this graduate degree in Theology, you can also pursue a Master's in Divinity Degree to become a religious minister. You can become a junior clergy by getting an associate's degree in religious studies. As a Senior Clergy, you'll have to spend a lot of time doing administrative duties.

You can also enroll in a masters’ degree program in Theology in the following subjects:

1) Master of Science in Pastoral Counseling
2) Master of Divinity in Marriage and Family therapy
3) Master of Divinity in Professional Counseling
4) Master of Divinity in Ministerial Leadership
5) Master of Divinity in Pastoral Counseling

Clergies have huge responsibilities and so their job is very demanding. You may have to work for 60 or more hours every week. As a clergy, you can perform many roles in your community. In co-operation with church educators, you conduct extra-curricular programs for children and adults.

In North America, there are 3 main principal branches of worship and the roles each leader plays differ from one branch to the other. In a Theology Masters Degree program, you will be provided with comprehensive knowledge about the following 3 branches, namely Pastor, Catholic Priest and Protestant Ministers.

As a pastor your duties will include addressing the problems of your parishioners and solving their problems by properly guiding them. You also have to suggest ways to improve the community.

To become a catholic priest, you need to complete eight years of study after school, followed by a MA of Theology degree and then four years studying Theology at a seminary. As a priest, you'll have to teach or tend to the administrative duties in colleges and universities.

If you become a Protestant minister, you'll have to preside over congregations and perform rites such as Baptisms and Holy Communions.

Masters Degree Theology Salary:
As a diocesan priest, you'll earn approximately $15,000 to $20,000 per year whereas if you choose to become a Protestant minister you'll be paid approximately $20,000 to $30,000 per year.

As you can see, people do not go into theology for the money. They are driven by the need to serve.

Masters Degree Theology School:
If you want to get a master degree in Theology, you need to visit the NEOC website. There, you’ll find schools offering this degree program. Visit this link to get their free information.

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