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Masters Degree Urban Design:
Urban design can play an important role in the environmental, social and cultural factors influencing society. To establish long term and sustainable buildings in the urban system, urban designers are required. Urban designers plan the construction of buildings depending on the challenges the city faces, such as natural interventions, space for future constructions, etc.

A master’s degree in urban design can give you the intellectual freedom for creativity. It mainly is comprised of imagination, experimentation and technical analysis. The MS degree in Urban Design gives you the calling for design proposals rather than theoretical work. The program aims at developing professionals to better the human settlements across the world.

Eligibility criteria for a Masters in Urban Design Degree:
The minimum requirement to be eligible to apply for the degree is to possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Design or any other related field, such as architecture, landscape architecture or urban planning. The related field study should encompass subjects such as architecture planning and design, aesthetic awareness and visual communication skills. A high level of English proficiency is also essential. If your first language is not English, your proficiency can be demostrated by:

• An IELTS score of 6.0 or more
• A TOEFL score of 550 or more
• A Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized university, where English is the language of instruction.

Coursework for a Masters Degree Urban Design:
The course is basically project-oriented and emphasizes the following subjects:

1. Urban design theory, research and implementation
2. New urban landscape
3. Urban regeneration and community development
4. Urban recycling
5. Landscape planning and conservation
6. Heritage conservation

A graduate degree in urban design will give students a studio based learning environment, experience in working with practicing professionals in the field, and the ability to pursue research and development programs. Case studies and applications of different methodological practices are also part of the curriculum.

Career options for Master’s in Urban Design Degree Holders:
A Master’s in Urban Design can enable you to become an urban or a regional planner. The job description of an urban or regional planner is to build long term and short term plans to put land and material for optimal use. They help in planning locations for schools, colleges, hotels and other infrastructure. Urban and regional planners help in eliminating problems faced by society. Urban planners are also called city or community planners because they predict the incoming needs of the people and help the government in resolving them.

Urban planners are employed with several public and private sector companies such as local governments, colleges and universities to build fire stations, sewers, schools, libraries and other recreational facilities. Urban planers are also employed with scientific research and development services as managers and consultants.

Salary of Master’s in Urban Design Degree Holders:
The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted the annual average earnings of urban planners to be $59,810 in May of 2008. The highest annual income earned was $91,520.

Masters Degree Urban Design School:
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